Saturday, December 9, 2017

Sex Games For Your Bedroom

When it comes to spicing things up in the bedroom, nothing beats the timeless magic of role playing. This enables people in a relationship to do things that they will not normally do. Behind the guise of another person, their inhibitions are completely stripped off; thus, leaving them to do exactly what they want to. There are other things that couples may do to spice up their sex life. Through different games and activities, routine intercourse could completely be avoided. However, most couples think that these games would only waste their time.

The following sex game ideas will surely change the way that you feel about sex games. Try them out for yourself and find out how they can add magic to your sex life.

Tasty Treats
Use food to satisfy your sexual hunger. Different types of food are usually available in your refrigerator. Be creative. Think of simple ways to use them in heightening your partner's sexual pleasure. Place dabs of whipped cream on strategic places on your partner's body. Take your time in licking every single drop of it off. The texture and the temperature of the whipped cream, along with the sensation of your lips and your tongue will drive your partner mad with pleasure. Go one step wilder and tie your partner's hands to the posts of the bed before you lick the whipped cream off. His lack of control over the situation will arouse him more than ever.

Be a Teenager Again
Remember how you couldn't get enough of each other when your relationship was just starting. Try to go back to that magical time by going on an all out make-out session. Kiss for the longest possible time. Try caressing different parts of your partner's body while kissing.

Wish List
Both of you should make a list of different sexual things that you want your partner to do to you. Place them on little pieces of paper and fold them. Take turns in picking a piece from the pile and acting out what is written. This game gets more fun as the game progresses. The different sexual favors will arouse both you and your partner's drive. This also gives you the chance to find out which sexual activity your partner loves. Remember what he wrote down and try them out again the next time that you spend quality time in the bedroom.

Make a Bet
Bet about anything, even frivolous things; but instead of forking over money, the loser should remove a piece of clothing. Make on bet after another. Whoever is left with no clothes on loses (or wins) the game.

Guess What
Tie a blindfold around your partner's eyes and make him lie on the bed. Rub some lubricant on different part of your body (like your fingers or the tip of your nose) and rub them gently on your partner's skin. Touch different places to increase his confusion. Ask him to guess what body part you are using to touch him. Remove the blindfold only when he makes the right guess.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Best forms of exercise for men’s sexual health

We all know just how important exercise really is. It promotes muscle growth, bone health, heart health, psychological health – practically all aspects of human health will receive a boost if you do regular exercise. But not everything is so simple. After all, there are many different types of exercise, and they all have their various pros and cons. And what do you need to do if your primary goal with exercise is to improve your sexual health?

There are two main types of exercise that are important for men’s sexual health. Below you will find more information on them.

1.      Cardiovascular exercise. Cardiovascular exercise is a must for every single person that’s willing to improve their health. What is cardiovascular exercise? It’s every type of exercise that provides a stable increase of your heart, for a relatively long period of time. There are many types of physical activities that spring to mind when it comes to cardiovascular exercise – swimming, running, biking, rowing – even walking is widely known to be a great form of cardiovascular exercise. In order to experience the greatest level of benefits from this type of exercise, you will want to pick any single one of these activities and make sure that your heart rate is elevated while you’re doing them. Aim for a time period of no less than 20 minutes per session, with no rest – unless you absolutely need it. Cardiovascular exercise is highly beneficial because of the fact that it improves blood flow, and it regulates the blood pressure. It also improves the health and power of arguably the most important muscle of your body – your heart. And improved blood flow means that blood will be able to carry oxygen and nutrients to all of the areas of your body – your penis included.

2.      Strength exercise. Strength exercise is what you must do in order to experience muscle growth. This type of training is best for elevating your levels of the “male hormone” testosterone, which is very important in regulating and increasing your sex drives. If your testosterone level are low, then you will have a hard time to make love to your partner. On the flip side, if you have high level of testosterone (but not excessive, unnaturally high, as in the case of taking steroids) – you will find that you’re nearly always hungry for sex. And the increase of muscle mass is never bad for your image and the way the ladies perceive you. One of the best ways to practice strength training is by going to the gym in order to lift the weight. In this sense – the heavier the better. Of course, the smartest thing to do is to hire an experienced instructor that will show you the hows and whys of strength training. After a while, you will find that everything becomes a routine around your strength training, and you will need less and less willpower in order to get going to the gym.

If you manage to implement exercise based on the cardiovascular and strength protocols, then you will do a huge service to your sexual health as a man. 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

How to select the right male enhancement pill?

If you do some research, you will notice that there are many brands providing male enhancement pills. This is the reason why it has become a little bit difficult to choose the right one for you. There are many things that one should take into consideration when purchasing a product like this. 

Unfortunately, there are many scammers that are trying to rip off men who are just looking for a way to improve their sexual performance. So, those who want to buy male enhancement pills must be careful because otherwise, they will lose money and possibly ruin their sexual health. Even though there is no universal answer to the question “how to be sure that a male enhancement pill is effective”, there are some things that can help you make a good choice.

It’s crucial to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution in the market. After all, every pill comes with different ingredients or at least different formula. In this article, we will reveal a few things that you should take into account when selecting a male enhancement pill.

This is a very important question that you must answer right away. As we said before, there is no guide for determining whether some pills are completely safe or not. However, there are certain things that can help you stay on the safe side. For instance, it’s always a smart move to opt for male enhancement pills that have been clinically tested. It doesn’t really matter whether they have tested the pills on animals or humans – this is a sign that proper research has been done. In addition, many of these pills come with a recommendation from doctors and experts which is another sign that you are looking at a good product. In order to avoid any problems, take a closer look at the list of side effects.

One of the simplest and most convenient ways to determine whether some pill is effective is to analyze the testimonials. Don’t forget that reviews and testimonials can be paid and that’s why you must be careful. Look for reviews and testimonials on websites that are not related to the product manufacturer or seller. For instance, you can visit online forums or discussion boards. Comments made by experienced users are usually a good sign.

The quality of the ingredients found in the pills
Even if we are talking about a completely natural male enhancement pill, the ingredients found in it must be clearly stated. There are official bodies that regulate the use of ingredients. Analyze the ingredients used in the product and if you have any dilemmas contact the manufacturer. They will provide detailed information about the ingredients.

Don’t forget your current health condition
In case you are using some other medications, then using natural male enhancement pill can become a problem. Before buying a product like this, it is highly recommended to talk to your doctor. There are situations when you can experience side effects when you are taking two incompatible products.
Follow these tips to find the right male enhancement pill.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Ways to Have Better Sex Life in Marriage

Sex is one of the essential things of any successful relationship, so you always need to find ways to improve your sexual life in order to live happier and healthy life. It is not uncommon for many couples to lose some interest in each other, especially if they have been married for a long time, but there are many things you can do to avoid that. Keeping the intimacy and closeness at the highest level is crucial if you want your marriage to be successful.

            One very basic thing which you can do to improve the sex life in your marriage is to experiment with some new sex positions. This is a great way to get aroused and to enhance yours and your partner`s sexual pleasure. If you have been having sex in the same position for a long time now, then it is a good time to change something. You will see that a simple change in position will make you both feel a lot better. Different sex position always contribute towards better sex life, so take advantage of that. If you do not know what to try, you can check out some Kamasutra positions for inspiration and find something that you both like to try.

            Next very simple but often neglected way for improving sex in marriage is spending enough time on foreplay. Take some time to cuddle and play with each other before proceeding towards the sexual intercourse. The bigger the anticipation and arousal before the sex, the better the sex will be. Good sex foreplay is equally important to both women and men, so take it slow and do not rush things. Foreplay is an instant booster and both partners can benefit a lot from it.

            Another way to improve your sex life in marriage is to introduce some sex toys in your bedroom. Playing or watching your partner pleasuring with sex toys can be really arousing and can put you both in a great mood for sex. If the communication between partners is open and you have a good understanding with your partner, then sex toys will do wonders in your bedroom and will fire up your sparkle again.

            Follow these simple ways to improve your sex life in marriage. They will not only spice up your sex life but will also provide you with bigger pleasure and enjoyment. Remember that when your sex life starts to deteriorate, then your marriage will also start to suffer. The truth is that most of the married couples are struggling with intimacy problems at some point of their marriage. Sometimes they are too tired or too busy with many obligations which prevent them to regularly have sex. However, everything can be improved quite easily and you can quickly light up your passion again. Do not waste time and start exploring for ways to improve your sex life. Find out what is best for you and your partner and start transforming your sex life for the better.  

Friday, September 8, 2017

4 Most-Asked Questions About Sex

The mysteries and doubts about sex that plague the average man and woman run a wide-ranging gamut. But there are some that today's sex counselors hear more often than others. Here they are, along with the answers!

1. Is masturbation harmful?
This one, of course, tops the list. From acne to insanity, from impotence to memory loss - hardly any ailment in the medical encyclopedia has not been blamed on masturbation! Until the inception of the 20th century, even the physicians fell in line and prescribed "cures" ranging from leeches to suck out blood from the genitals, to "cages" in which children's penises could be padlocked by parents and the key thrown away.

This was in the West. In India, although the amorous ancients joyously documented their masturbatory postures for posterity - the temples of Halebid in Karnataka flaunt masturbating males among their erotic carvings - the majority of Indian youth is tortured by crippling fears about the effects of masturbation on body and mind.
The fact is that no minister or medico has ever provided a shred of evidence to suggest that masturbation is harmful. To the contrary, current opinion among enlightened sexologists is that masturbation is not only not harmful, but it may also be distinctly beneficial. To demolish the more common myths:

The penis has no muscles; hence there is no way that masturbation can lead to 'weaknesses.
Masturbation does not deplete the body's supply of semen, leading to a scarcity situation. Semen is produced every day - and it's produced to be used! As sexologist comments, "It is disuse, not use, that leads to atrophy."

Masturbation does not impair sexual intercourse or sexual pleasure. In fact, there is growing evidence that lack of masturbatory experience may lead to problems like impotence and anorgasmia (difficulty in experiencing intense orgasm). Masturbation is the ultimate source of sexual self-awareness and forms an important part of many sex therapy programs.

Sexologists, however, do caution that masturbation may indicate some other underlying problem if it is indulged in compulsively and to the exclusion of other sexual outlets even when available.

2. What can I do to increase the size of my penis?
That question is best answered by another: Why do you want to? Most men feel that they'd be Olympic performers in bed if only their penises were "a little" longer or a little broader... Although there are wide variations in the size of penises in the flaccid state, erection is said to be the great equalizer because penises that are small in the non-erect state enlarge proportionately more than penises that are longer or broader in the non-erect state. And of course, the size of the flaccid penis is irrelevant to sexual performance!

What's more, even during erection, not more than 5cm of penile length is necessary or for reproductive purposes. The outer one-third (i.e. about 5 cm) of the vagina has the most concentrated nerve ending, and this is the portion that is sensitive to the thrusting penis. As for reproduction, man only needs enough penis to be able to deliver the semen into the vagina - from there on, the sperm speed upward with a momentum of their own!

3. Is oral sex dirty and perverted?
Oral sex brings the tongue, lips, and mouth into play in the genital area, and in that sense brings an added dimension to sexual activity: all the senses are now involved. In those who are at ease with it, it can heighten arousal, providing the final surge of excitement leading to intercourse; it can even directly bring on orgasm.

But not everybody is comfortable with oral sex; guilt and awkwardness are felt even by several of those who indulge in it. One reason for considering it 'dirty' is that most people are conditioned to think of the genitals themselves are dirty. But, from a scientific point of view, oral sex is no more unhygienic than mouth to mouth kissing.

Some people are put off by the genital odors, or the genital secretions. But the secretions themselves are relatively clean, and the odors partly reflect the kind of foods that the person eats. And, a good bath before engaging in oral sex should ensure cleanliness.
Nobody has yet been able to come up with a valid reason why oral sex is dirty or unhealthy or perverted. The feeling persists among many, and the most worrying thing about oral sex is the worry it causes.

4. How can I make sex more satisfying?
Make sure you are with the right partner. Someone, you're comfortable with and care about. Emotions are an important part of the sexual experience.

Not over-tired or under stress. Both are poor starting points for good sex.
Not plagued by fears about sex itself. This mainly applies to women - and the fears range from the fear of pain to the fear of pregnancy. Inhibitions or anxiety are instant passion-poopers.

Ready to experiment and to innovate. Different positions, different places, even different roles (alternating between aggressor and passive partner) bring in the variety that puts the spice into sex.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tips To Giving A Good Blowjob

When we hear about lack of libido in a relationship, usually we assume it is a problem of females. The truth is men account for about over 30% of total low libido cases. As a lady, you still can do something to defeat his decrease sex drives. Men (same as women) adore oral sex. If you want a means to get him wild in bed, here are the suggestions on oral sex you can commence.

·       Get him cleaned up
Whether receiving or giving oral sex, both have to be comfortable. This will not be possible if either one of you has a bad smell. It will be great if your man cleans himself first. It will be excellent if you both can have a bath together.

·       Keep yourself in a comfort zone
If you are not in a relaxed lovemaking position, you will not be able to give him a nice blowjob. If he is standing or sitting, giving you a lot of space for movement, you can kneel on a pillow or sit on a seat

·       Feel the neighboring areas
You can give him a cat bath (kissing him all over) and use your hands to "molest" his medial thighs, perineum, and testicles (the area between the anus and genitals) which are all erogenous zones to get him into the mood slowly. To increase the excitement, you can use your fingertips to tickle behind the testes.

·       Start licking him
You start by warming the tip of his genitals with your breath. There are a few sensitive areas of the male genitals for you to take note. The tip of the genitals is highly sensitive than the shaft, especially the ring around the head. The underside is sensitive than the side especially in the area proximal to the tip (known as the frenulum). To be effective, you have to focus your licking effort on these erogenous points.

·       Take his genitals into your mouth
After playing with the head, you slide your mouth down the shaft while placing your fingers at the base of his genitals (to create a ring). This will prevent you from getting choked if you unexpectedly take in too much of his "ice-cream stick." You should take in one-third to half of the shaft of his "ice-cream stick". With your teeth behind your lips, you compress your lips against his shaft as you slide up and down along his semi-erected manhood. Do this gently at times, relishing the sexual pleasure of your action, and then picking up the pace.

·       Alternating between tongue and mouth actions
Once in a while, you can switch back to using your tongue to lick on his frenulum and tip. You can experiment with the diverse types of licks on these two areas apparently by changing the shape or movement of your tongue. To give him more extreme pleasure, you can also twist your neck right and left so that it feels like your mouth is spinning on his penis.

·       Applying your hands
If you want to arouse him more during oral sex, you can do so by applying your hands. Using your hands also open the chance of stimulating his testicles and perineum while you keep giving him oral sexual stimulation on his "ice-cream stick.".

·       Blowing cold and hot
Oral sex can be fun if you can savor it up by playing with temperature and excitements. You take a sip of warm water, You then gargle it and swallow. Next, you take his penis into your mouth for twenty seconds then put an ice-cube in your mouth before taking in his male organ. You continue the blowjob. The variations in cold and hot will feel perfect for him.  The warmth of your mouth combined with the occasional flashes of chilliness will have him on his feet.

·       Do not ignore other areas
The scrotum and testicles are extremely sensitive areas that can drive him wild when you lick on his testicles and gently pull his scrotum down.

·       Bringing him to climax
You should never be compelled to let him ejaculate in your mouth. It is your choice and is defined by your level of comfort about it. He should not think any less of you about your preference. You can resume the hand stroking through his orgasm.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Too much masturbation?

Most men are aware of the fact that masturbation is an act that almost every man gets involved in from time to time. The fact is that masturbation brings many benefits in addition to the good feeling. For instance, masturbation can help guys learn how their body is functioning, but it can also improve the health of their penis. It can help you to lasting longer in bed. However, there are situations when men may need to lower the frequency of this activity. Of course, this can be difficult for some men who are used to masturbate very frequently.

As we have mentioned before, there is nothing abnormal with masturbation. Almost every guy masturbates at some period in their life and the majority of men masturbate regularly through the adulthood. But, what if you think that you are masturbating too much? Frequent masturbation can lead to penis soreness. Reduce in frequency of masturbation can give you the biggest erection ever during proper sexual intercourse. So, what can men do to prevent masturbation when their penis is already erected?

Avoid porn
Now here’s an obvious suggestion. In case you don’t want to play with your fully erected penis, you should definitely stay away from things that will support erection. These activities can cause an erection if you don’t have one too. So, stay away from porn movie and video clips when you want to reduce the frequency of masturbation.

Make a schedule
Well, this advice may not seem exciting, but it is definitely effective. It would be best if you come up with a plan that will limit the amount of time you spend on this activity. In case you are masturbating for 30 minutes a day, start masturbating to 15 minutes every second day.

Change your sleep pattern
The latest surveys have shown that there are a huge number of men who like to masturbate in their beds. In most cases they want to do this before falling asleep or when they get up with a morning excitement. In case you want to keep this need for masturbation under full control, you should limit the time you use in the bedroom. Namely, try using your bedroom just for sleeping and don’t stay in it longer than necessary. In addition, when you are already in bed try to sleep on the left or right side, not on the stomach or back. If you do this, you will avoid situations when your penis is rubbing against pillows and sheets. This is another thing that leads to arousal. If you have problems sleeping, try meditation or some breathing exercises. Don’t use masturbation as a technique that helps you fall asleep faster.

Get involved in other activities
Make a plan to try some new things instead of masturbation. For instance, you can get involved in sports activities like playing basketball, rollerblading, running etc. You can also take gym classes in your local gym or take long walks. Don’t forget that physical activity releases the same hormones as sex, so you will feel great all the time.

Masturbation is a completely normal thing, but if you are doing it too frequently it’s time to take some actions.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

How Can Vitamins and Supplements Help Men Keep Penis Sensitivity?

Penis sensitivity is a topic that has been ignored for many years. This is quite natural because most men don’t think about penis sensitivity. Namely, most of them believe that their manhood is always prepared to respond right away to any stimulation even to a simple fondling or gentle rubbing. On top of that, they are convinced that they will always feel strong arousal during sexual activities. But, this is not always the case, and if you want to make sure that your penis sensitivity is always on a high level you must practice proper penis care. According to the latest studies, taking a sufficient amount of vitamins and supplements is one way to keep penis sensitivity normal.

In case you are still wondering why penis sensitivity must be protected, you should read more about the latest scientific studies in this field. Namely, studies have confirmed that this sensitivity gradually weakens in older men and as a result of that - they don’t enjoy sex as much as they did in the past. A harder erections doesn't guarantee you greater sex. And as we all know, if you don’t enjoy things you gradually start practicing them less frequently. In extreme cases, men can become depressed. That’s why keeping good penis sensitivity is crucial.

There are many things that lead to diminished penis sensitivity. To start with, rough handling is one of these common causes. If you are very rough with your penis during sex or masturbation, the nerve endings in the penis will become less sensitive. In case you are doing this frequently, the sensitive nerve endings will eventually ignore the signals. In rare cases, constant rubbing of the penis against rough fabric can lead to this problem. So, you better watch what kind of underwear you are wearing.

Next, there are certain pharmaceutical drugs that can lead to damages in the nerve endings located on the penis. Latest studies have also shown that low testosterone levels can decrease the feeling in the penis in many men. Finally, Peyronie’s disease, a health problem in which the penis becomes unusually bent is frequently associated with loss of sensitivity in the penis. The explanation is simple – Peyronie’s disease sufferers often witness the accumulation of scar tissue which eventually decreases sensitivity. 

Even though people can overcome these problems and find alternatives, one of the most effective ways to avoid this problem is to include more vitamins in the diet. These vitamins can come from fresh produce and foods or from supplements.

There are three vitamins that play important role in this process. Vitamin E is very important for the level of moisture in the skin. Of course, the penis skin is not an exception. If the skin in this area is not dry, then it is more flexible and elastic making the area safe from friction and nerve endings damage. Next, vitamin D can help men improve penis cell metabolism and protect the sexual health of these cells so the penis tissue won’t feel the effects of rough handling at least not to an extreme extent. Finally, vitamin C is crucial for collagen production, a compound that affects the firmness of penile tissue.