Thursday, October 30, 2014

7 Medical Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction That can Improve Your Sex Life

Little is said about erectile dysfunction, but recently it has gained high prominence. The main cause of impotence is usually anxiety; chronic diseases such as diabetes, uncontrolled cholesterol, hypertension, obesity, and smoking are related to episodes of impotence in men over age. Erectile dysfunction affects nearly 50% of people aged 40 to 80 years.

Given the high incidence of the problem; however, seeking medical help is still quite shy. Embarrassed by the situation, men wait three to five years to schedule an appointment with a specialist. Medicine has advanced greatly in the area of erectile dysfunction. It is now possible to cure it permanently with the help of right medication and treatment. Following are seven way to treat impotent.

1. Oral medications
Oral medications are always the first choice of treatment of erectile dysfunction, provided that the patient does not show lesions in the arteries of the penis or some contraindication for substances in the formulas. Oral medicines improve blood flow to the penis, which favours the erection. They should be taken around one to two hours before sexual intercourse and vary in time of action and maximum power. Long-acting medications, for example, can act for up to 36 hours. This does not mean that men have an erection for 36 hours, but during that time he will be able to get an erection if you are sexually stimulated. The obligation to take the medicine before having a relationship, however, bothers some men for disturbing the spontaneity of the moment. In these cases, the professional may prescribe a daily dose of medicine, like a continuous treatment. The main side effects are headache, flushing, stuffy nose and tachycardia. If you notice any other symptoms, the doctor should be informed. Activ Homme, Libidus, Maxidus, Maxi2 can treat erectile dysfunction without side effect.

2. Intra-cavernous injection
If oral medications are not effective or are contraindicated, the specialist will move to the second treatment option: intra-cavernous injection. The advantage of this method is that the drug acting about 15 minutes after application. Moreover, in this case any incentive for the man to have an erection is not necessary. The injected substance stimulates circulation and promotes the dilation of the arteries at the site, which increases blood flow to the penis leading to an erection. The duration of erection varies according to the dose injected, which is established in consultation with the physician. Although effective, the treatment is not always well accepted by the patients. Some people are terrified of the needle. Imagine, then, if it needs to be inserted into the penis. The expert also emphasized that individuals with difficulty viewing the penis or diseases that generate hand tremors should request assistance from the partner to the application. Side effects of intra-cavernous injection restricted to allergies to any of the substances in medicine.

3. Malleable penile prosthesis
Penile prostheses and surgical intervention are more complex treatment than intake of medicines or injections. Thus, they occupy the third place in the scale of options for the patient with erectile dysfunction. The soft type is the simplest and more affordable. The doctor inserts a metal rod wrapped in silicone into the penis of the patient, which causes it to be stiff enough for penetration 100% of the time. At the time of the sexual intimacy, simply raise the penis. The malleable penile prosthesis surgery lasts about an hour and he can leave the hospital with in 24 hours of the surgery with a compressor bandage to prevent bruising and to keep down the penis, facilitating trip to the bathroom. In the days that follow, there is a natural discomfort of surgery, but no sharp pain. The sexual life, in turn, can be resumed 30 days after discharge. Worth reinforcing that this is a completely artificial erection. But according to the urologist, usually provide greater patient satisfaction than drugs or injection. The only caution is the man when it comes to "accommodate" his penis. Since he is upright the whole time, it may need special underwear to disguise the volume.

4. Inflatable penile prosthesis
Unlike the malleable penile prosthesis, inflatable prosthesis allows the penis returns to the flaccid state after sex. The method includes the introduction of inflatable penile cylinders connected to a breast pump with liquid, which simulate blood, implanted in the scrotum, like a third testicle. To promote erection, simply press the inhaler that drains this fluid into the cylinder. After intercourse, the penis should be lightly pressed down so that the liquid go back to the puffer and he becomes flaccid again. The surgery lasts about two hours and the patient needs to be hospitalized for a day or so. As in malleable prosthesis, sexual activity can be resumed about 30 days after the procedure, and no activity of daily life is impaired. Of the two types, this is what can make the most erect penis.

5. Therapy
In many cases, erectile dysfunction has its origin to psychological factors. It is best to consult a therapist with training in sexology that will help end this lockout. The problem can start on any day in which, because of the anxiety, the man could have no erection. If you do not control the fear of suffering impotence in the coming opportunities, it further hinders your performance. According to Urologists, it is common for men with erectile dysfunction to request appointment of a drug to a colleague instead consult a specialist. This cannot only mask the problem, but also cause serious health problems, if it does not have the proper medication for that profile.

6. Revascularization
Revascularization is a recommended procedure for an audience with very restricted erectile dysfunction. It is done when the patient has problems in the arteries that supply blood to the penis. However, the case should be thoroughly evaluated. Making a bypass in heart, for example, is crucial since the body works 24 hours per day. The penis, in turn, spends most of his downtime. Improve vascularization; therefore, may lead to clogged veins, as blood flow decreases when it is too soft.

7. Vacuum Pump
The vacuum pumps has been forgotten as part of the arsenal of treatments for erectile dysfunction, but it is again gaining strength among patients operated on for prostate cancer, acting as assistants in penile rehabilitation. Today, they are sold only in shops, since they increase the volume of the penis. It consists of a cylinder into which the penis is inserted. By means of a suction system, the air is removed from the cylinder, reducing the internal pressure. This negative pressure promotes the flow of blood into the penis, which helps erection. A vacuum pump is used in the medical field only in patients who needed removing penile prosthesis infection or rejection. During the period that they have to wait to do another intervention, the pump can be helpful preventing scars that deform the organ.

Friday, October 24, 2014

How can Masturbation help you Achieve Ultimate Sexual Pleasure?

Masturbation helps you explore your body and figure out what excites you the most. Not very long time ago masturbation was considered as some wrong, dangerous and morally unacceptable. This practice was associated with perverts and freaks and those who are not capable to have regular sexual intercourse. Even the religious institutions were strongly against this activity. Luckily, today we are fully aware that none of these things are true and that masturbation is actually something completely normal, natural and acceptable sexual behavior and practicing masturbation is not something wrong. 

In fact, masturbation is recommend in some cases, because this is the best way to get to know our body, pleasures, feeling while developing love for ourselves and our bodies. Women that masturbate regularly usually achieve orgasm very easy when they have sex with their partner. They know exactly what leads them to orgasm and they know how to tell their partners what they need. It is a stereotype to think that only men are masturbating and this belief belongs to the past. According to many studies only 15% of women have never masturbated in their life while nearly 30% of women masturbate more than once a week. 10% of women have practiced masturbation more than once in a day. This last number seems like too much masturbation. But when can we say that someone is practicing masturbation too much?

In order to answer this question we need to ask ourselves whether we can speak about too much sex, too many orgasms and too much pleasure. If you are burdened with the fact that you have very high sex drive and that you are thinking about masturbation very frequently, this pressure that you put on yourself can be more harmful than the act of masturbation or sex. Probably the best way to determine whether you are having too much sex or masturbation is to check whether you are capable to function normally. Sexologists are aware of cases when men and women that use masturbation as a method to relieve themselves from stress practiced this behavior for more than 5 times a day. If you start feeling that you need to go out of your office in a middle of a really important business meeting just to masturbate it is definitely a good idea to seek some help.

As you probably know there are many ways to masturbate. Different people have different sexual desires. For example, you can use sex toys or do this activity without them. It is good to know that the number of sex toys that are available today is huge so you might have a problem to choose a proper one. A good advice is to avoid sex toys that don’t attract you with their appearance. It is good to find a toy that provides several types of stimulation. Women can experiment and create their own sex toys at home. Finally, don’t forget your fingers. Fingers can help both men and women achieve intense orgasm

Monday, October 20, 2014

Maintaining Hard Erection

If you suffer from soft erections or experience weak erections it is definite that you are always looking for ways to maintain hard erections. The reason why your penis goes soft is because you suffer from ED as it is one of the most popular sexual problem suffered by many men.

Millions upon millions suffer from ED all over the world. In the United States alone, the figures of men suffering from ED is staggering. Estimates suggest that well over 25+ million men that are aged 20 and above suffer from some sort of erectile dysfunction.

Hence the reason why anti-impotence drugs are some of the highest sort after medically approved drugs. That said however, such prescription medication including the generic meds carry a lot of side effects.

Hence the reason why many men are in search of safer and better options so that they can experience erections that are rock solid without having to concern themselves about suffering through any nasty side effects.

Achieving and Maintaining Hard Erection Naturally

There are a number of herbs that have been used all through centuries for the enhancement of sexual desires in men as well as rectifying ED. These are natural products that work on the blood flow increment and the production of testosterone.

Increment in the flow of blood and produce testosterone are critical factors that affect the sexual health of all men. Nitric oxide production in the body plays a critical role. As much as many men are not aware of the role this element plays.

Nitric oxide is secreted naturally in the body on the blood vessels walls which provide blood to the penis when you become aroused. It helps in the smoothening of your muscles of your penis making them relax allowing blood vessels expand so that more blood is able to flow in the erectile tissue.

Soft Erection treatment

Certain herbs such as Horny Goat and Ginkgo Biloba are recognized for their ability of increasing nitric oxide production in the body. An amino acid known as L-arginine is also loved for its ability of increasing secretion and plays a critical role as an ingredient in a majority of enhancement pills.

More herbs including; Tribulus Terrestris and Eurycoma Longifolia and many more are quite effective in the increment of testosterone production in the body. Since testosterone is a hormone that controls and governs both erectile and sexual functionality in men, its increase in production allows men to fight off ED.

Tribulus Terrestris as a herb is excellent in curing ED and also helps in the control of ejaculation allowing men to last longer as they make love.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

How to Get Harder Erection Naturally and Safely - 9 Essential Tips

There are many elements that influence a sexual encounter that will translate into good sex; one of them is undoubtedly a stronger erection. But, contrary to what many men believe, it could not only depend on the level of excitement, other favors also argue in favor or against to have a good erection. It explain to you what are figuring out how to enhance and maintain your erection for longer.

1. When it comes to sex, habits tend to be reflected in the way we react and even the satisfaction we get from each encounter. So to have a good erection should review some aspects that may be harming a good answer.

2. If you want a night of passion and pleasure, then the best for a good erection is avoiding excess alcohol. One or two cups can relax it, put it cheerful and light your sexual desire, but a whole bottle will let it idle, making it quite difficult to get a strong erection.

3. Stress has become the misery of the modern world, and beyond affect health significantly, stress impairs erections.
Be the problems at work, relationship problems or because you feel concerned for your reply in a sexual encounter, this factor can make getting a good erection becomes difficult. The advice is to leave aside the problems, do not focus so much on having a perfect sexual performance and enjoy the stimuli to achieve a good erection.

4. If you want to improve your erections set aside a sedentary lifestyle. The physical activity benefits the sex because it improves blood circulation, causing the heart to pump more blood to all organs, including the penis, which results in stronger and lasting erections. Moreover, they are a perfect alternative to relax and reduce stress. Incorporate cardiovascular exercises into your routine and you will notice the difference.

5. We know that sex is something that brings us much pleasure, but to get a good erection and satisfy your partner is important to reduce levels of anxiety, such as stress, nervousness can cause an erection is not exactly the best. Enjoy the sexual experience little by little, without despair or pressure of any kind, therefore the time of penetration can both enjoy it much better.

6. Following a healthy diet is vital to having good erections. The plastic food, fried or excess sweets, high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides produced by a high fat diet directly affect sexual performance, similarly affecting cardiovascular health.

7. Do not feel confident in the sexual aspect? Their confidence in bed is not the best? Many men have erection problems when in a period of uncertainty and depression. Be confident and with a good attitude, open to enjoy, explore and pass it well, it is important to have a good erection and enhance sexual performance.

8. If suddenly had a change in their erections for no apparent reason, it is important to check that it is not a side effect of some medication. Many drugs may interfere with the quality of erections, so does the intake of some drugs often results in the decrease of erections considerably.

9. Achieving a harder erection is a combination between a stimulus of pleasure and a healthy lifestyle. However, many men have problems in this aspect despite having good habits, if this is the case; the most convenient is to visit your doctor to find a specific solution for your particular condition.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

How to Avoid Being Impotent

Being declared as being impotent is one thing you cannot dare think of as a man. It literally means being unable to fulfill your sexual obligation toward your sexual partner. Although impotence is an erectile dysfunction (ED) that mostly affects aging men, you do not need to develop the problem even as you age. It is however important to note that your present lifestyle determines whether or not you will develop the condition during old age. Below are just some of the ways through which you can protect yourself from being declared impotent.

Regular Diet
There is a common saying that what is good for your heart is good for your sexual health. That is a powerful saying with beneficial meaning. Food stuffs that restrict smooth flow of blood through your heart also do the same in your sexual organ. Note that your penis needs to receive sufficient amount of blood for erection and you need to avoid any food stuff that narrows your blood vessels. Not only will your heart benefit; you will also be running away from being declared impotent.

Body Weight
Excess body weight or obesity is known to be a foundation of many health problems including development of type-2 diabetes, bone problems and erectile dysfunction in form of impotence. You can do your body great good by maintain healthy body weight now in order to avoid being declared impotent in the future.

This is one thing you seriously need to watch out for if you need to avoid being declared as an impotent man in the near future. High cholesterol level in your body system coupled with high blood pressure damage your blood vessels, including blood vessels that supply your penis with blood. Damage to these vessels over time no doubt leads to ED.

Excess drinking of alcohol causes damage to your liver in addition to damaging your nerves. Excess alcohol in your body system also causes hormonal imbalance, putting you at great risk of developing ED and in particular impotence.

There is no doubt that we all live a fast lifestyle that otherwise exposes us to stressful situations and environments. It is only appropriate that you identify suitable ways of dealing with stress. This is because high stress level increases level of adrenaline hormone within your body. Any increase in the level of adrenaline causes your blood vessels to shrink, which in effect interferes with smooth flow of blood in your body. This increases the risk of developing ED.

There are no two ways about it. You always need to engage in safe sex in order to avoid being declared as impotent in the future. Indeed, majority of young men diagnosed as being impotent are those who engage in risky sex for which they contract STDs and physical injuries to their penis. Both physical injury to your penis and sexually transmitted diseases put you at great risk of developing ED.

These are just a few things that you must avoid if you intend to have a healthy sex life now and in the future when old age sets in. They are also the same things you need to watch out for in order to prevent impotence.