Thursday, July 19, 2018

How To Give The Best Blow Job

If you've never given a man oral sex or if you just don't think you are very good at it, there is hope for you. You don't have to feel lost about this subject. No matter your experience level, you can give a man an extensive blow job, and you can make that happen tonight.

To give your man intensified oral sex, you need to get yourself acquainted with some fellatio tips for amateurs. By learning these few tips, you will be provided with the right amount of confidence to make you feel better and to make you feel a bit more at ease. Before you grasp it, you will be rendering an oral like a pro.

To give a man a good blow job, here are the fellatio tips for beginners that you must know:
First of all, giving a man a great blow job is all in your confidence. Men just love a confident woman who acts like she knows exactly what she is doing in the bedroom. Even if you don't know what you are doing, act as if you do, it will trick him into believing your every move. With the right measure of confidence, you can turn him on and make him very hard before you even touch him. Then, as your mouth finally touches him down there, sparks will fly and whatever you do next will feel incredible.
For beginners, it is best to use a hand during oral sex. This is because although your mouth feels incredible on him, it just doesn't cut it. If you expect to make him climax from oral, you need to give him a bit more, and this is where your hand comes into play. With your mouth on the tip of his penis, you can stimulate him by licking, sucking, kissing and caressing and these are all very gentle touches. You can contrast this by adding in your hand on the shaft, and now you can rub, stroke and beat him hard, and he will love it. Men love to be toyed with and to be touched hard, so give him what he wants.

Another fellatio tip for beginners to eventually give him oral like a pro is to never forget about the testicles. His testicles need to be touched and stimulated to help him climax. Although it is not necessary, by giving him more sexual stimulation, you help to give him intense orgasm in a much stronger and more powerful way. This is a tip that women often forget and that beginners never even think about. Show him that you do know how to satisfy him orally and make sure you give him it all.

After using these beginner tips, you will be well on your way to giving your man the greatest sexual pleasure of his life and to eventually begin to give him a blow job like a real pro.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Four amazing standing sex positions

Ever felt bored and tired of the normal sex routine which involves missionary, doggy and woman on top? Want to try something new and emotionally fulfilling? Then you should think more of getting on your feet rather than feeling cozy in bed.

Having sex while standing is one of the best positions that will have you and your partner emotionally engrossed and satisfies with each other after the act. It brings out the Bonny and Clyde nature in the both of you when you try out the weird standing positions. These sex positions are not what you try out with anybody; it has to be someone you connect with on a deeper level, or probably a hooker who knows her job. We prefer you try it out with the former.

Disco position
This position involves standing face to face with your partner at a very close range. You come a bit closer and bend your knees slightly between her legs. Your girl should part her legs at shoulders weight and also bend her knees too. Hold each other at the thighs while you penetrate slowly till you are fully inside of her. Ensure you are inside before making movements and subsequent strokes. You can grip her waist for support and deeper penetration,

Wall position
There should be a support structure to successfully carry out this sex position. Stand with your back against the wall with both legs slightly placed forward while your girl places her legs in between one of your leg backing you and with her rear end shooting out. You will need to grip her hips for control while she holds your thighs. You can deeply penetrate her with this position and also get to play with her breasts or stimulate the clitoris.

Candle position
This is a simple position where you stand still close to a wall for support, or in any open space. Your partner stands in front of you backing you and standing on her toes to get to the level of your penis. While penetrating, you can place both hands on her breast to make her wetter for you and she can put her right hand on the back of your head while she rests her head on the other side of your shoulders to allow your caress her neck with your soft kisses.

Bicycle position
This position is more comfortable for the woman as she drops on all fours- her hands and legs on the floor like an elevated doggie. She should stand on her toes so that her buttock is pushed up closer to your drooping penis. Her legs which should be slightly apart go in between your widely parted legs. You should grip her waist so you can gently pull her up to meet your deep thrusts.

The great thing about standing while having sex is that you are not restricted to the bedroom. You can have it at any corner of the house which includes the kitchen, sunroom, balcony, bathroom, laundry room etc. you can also take it outside to elevators, pools, public restrooms etc. Here are some amazing standing sex positions you and your partner can try out for utmost sexual pleasure.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Five wrong reasons to have sex

Sex is meant to be a thing of consent and there shouldn’t be a wrong reason to engage in it. but this is not the case sometimes some people have sex other than the reason to feel happy and sexual satisfaction with their partners which is totally wrong. Let’s identify some wrong reasons people have sex:

I felt like I owed the person
Have you ever felt like this before? Probably the person might have helped you with the year’s rent, paid off your college debt, bought you that exotic house, or probably have taken you out to the loveliest dinner outing and you felt the best way to show appreciation is to give them intense orgasm. That’s a wrong reason to have sex. There are other ways to show appreciation, and most times a big smile, hug and thank you will be enough. Sex is meant for those who really want it as much as the other party does.

I wanted to have something to tell my friends
Call it peer pressure, but this pressure does not only involve teenagers. Some adults still feel that way especially if they are celibate or they’ve not gotten good loving in a long time. That stare they get from their friends when they hear sex has not been on the priority list for a long time might make them jump into bed with any stranger that is willing to do so. And the aftermath psychological effect could be depression and low self-esteem. Protect yourself and avoid getting into such situation.

I was under the influence of drugs
This is a terrible reason to have sex. When you are under the influence, it could make it all dangerous because you probably wouldn’t know who you are having sex with or if you are having safe sex and this could lead to sexually transmitted infections and sexually transmitted diseases. Taking drugs is bad and could put your life at risk; having unsafe sex is bad for sexual health.

I was coerced into it
This could be a scenario where you make the biggest mistake of your life to crash with a friend or colleague purely because you wanted to hang out with them; but then, hanging out turns to a long session of a plea for sex. You try and resist for a few hours, but when you realize you are not going to get a good night sleep, you give in for the sake of peace. Or, you just got into that new relationship, and it is not up to a week before the new guy or girl in your life starts pestering you for sex and you give in because you do not want to lose the relationship. Walking away would have been the best option in both scenarios. People should not coerce you into doing what you don’t want.

I was physically forced into it
This is in all shades of rape! If you’ve ever had such encounter, ensure that you report to the appropriate authorities. You should not feel ashamed to do so. To avoid getting yourself in this situation, be very observant of your environment, try not to get too close or comfortable to someone you have no feelings for. And, always have your pepper spray in your purse.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

4 Things That Will Repair a Dying Sex Drive

"I'm tired.", "I have a headache.", "There are too many other things to do.", Sound familiar? They're all common excuses people give to avoid having sex. But like proper nutrition and getting enough exercise, engaging in regular lovemaking with your partner is an important and vital part of one's overall health.

Spice it up
Research has shown that monotony and repeating the same roles and styles all the time is a real killer to sexual drive. Both women and men should avoid being monotonous in their daily bedroom affairs. In other words, stop being the mum who cleans and cooks every day, or the office dad who carries office homework to your house every night. Instead, try to spice you behaviours once in a while.
For instance, if you are a woman, you can try taking control in bed every once in a while. Surprise him with lacy lingerie and some erotic makeup. If you are a man, kill the pattern too.

A good recommendation is that don't plan for sex. Let it come impromptu. Couples who always plan that Wednesday or Friday is the D-Day, have a higher chance of killing the sex drive in their relationship. Break the cycle and spice up your sexual relationship.

Have a Scent
The human brain is programmed to work like a computer. It associates certain inputs to certain activities. Ever noticed how auto-correct works on your phone? Your brain works similarly. If certain words are typed on your messenger, the phone can know what is likely to be the next word in the line.

In a sexual context, when a man or a woman wears a certain kind of perfume all the time, their partner tends to associate that perfume scent to their partner. A study in America has proven that men are turned on by pumpkin pie and lavender scents when their women are cooking. Again, a Men's Journal in Canada, after surveying 100 married men, found out that scent has a considerable impact on libido.

Some men and women have also confirmed that they tend to get sexually active when their partners are wearing a certain kind of perfume. Sticking to a particular perfume allows time for your partner to associate a unique scent with your presence, and hopefully next time they smell that perfume at the bus station on their way home, they might come running straight into the act.

Have your own Game
Couple games are perhaps the best part about dating. Being able to telepathically communicate and understand jokes by just looking at each other, even when everybody else in the room seems confused, is just golden. To boost your sex drive, marriage experts recommend having a small game to delay the action and keep things exciting in the bedroom. It's all about testing the waters, building anticipation, and erotically charging the mind.

Almost every relationship problem can be solved through communication. The worst heartbreaks ever shared often have one thing in common - lack of communication. Men are usually very reluctant to hear from their women where they are doing it wrong. Discussing your sex life will pull more engagement into the act and ensure sexual satisfaction for both of you.

Communicate with you woman, know what turns her on. If you are a woman, faking orgasms is never the answer. You do want to feel the intense orgasm during sex right?

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Bent Penis: The Best Sex Positions

The functionality of the penis is a big deal to most guys, which is one reason why possessing a bent penis can be a source of legitimate concern for many men. This can be especially true when it comes to how a bent penis may potentially alter the mechanics involved in intercourse. While practicing proper penis care is always advised to help with many common matters, in this instance an exploration of appropriate sex positions may prove especially helpful.

How bent?
It's important to realize that some curvature of the penis is normal. True, there are some men who possess a member which is totally straight when erect; however, it also is quite common for there to be some leaning to the left or right, or up or down. So curvature itself is not sexual problems or affect your penis health; an issue arises only when the curvature presents to a degree that can potentially impede the penis' proper placement during sexual activities.

When the bend is potentially problematic, it may mean that adjustments need to be made to find the best sex positions. The following are some of the sex positions which may be more accommodating to a bent penis.

1) Sideways missionary. This position often works when a man's penis curves to the side (either left or right). It's a "mixed use" position, with the woman lying on her side, knees bent and the man lying atop her in the traditional missionary position. (The side that the woman lies on will depend on which way the penis curves). By essentially creating a situation in which the participants are at a 90 degree angle, this position helps to compensate for the bend to the side of the manhood.

2) Doggy style. If the bent penis curves in a downward slope, rear-entry positions tend to be ideal. Again, this allows the curvature of the penis to more naturally follow the vaginal lay. It also allows the male greater freedom to re-position himself - in some cases, literally keeping him on his toes - to change the angle of thrust as needed.

3) Sitting straddle. For men with an upward curvature, a woman-on-top position can be very helpful. One of the best involves the male sitting, possibly leaning back a bit and bracing himself with his hands or elbows. The woman straddles the male and lowers herself onto the penis, using her hands to guide the member as needed. This position can also be beneficial for penises that curve downward. With a downward-plunging member, the woman again sits atop the man, but faces away from him.

4) Standing straddle. As the name implies, this is similar to the sitting straddle - except the man is standing rather than sitting. It's another position that works best for an upward-curved penis, although some limber women have found that they can better accommodate a left- or right-leaning penis in this position as well.

Finding the right fit
Most men with a bent penis find the sex positions that work best for them with only a little experimenting. Sometimes, however, the penis can become more bent over time, often a result of rough sex, in which aggressive action causes small traumas which create scar tissue when they heal. Sometimes this tissue causes the penis to bend.

While finding good sex positions for a bent penis is an excellent idea, so is working to prevent scar tissue from adding to the degree of curvature.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Being Dominant in Bed as a Man

Regardless of what any social justice warrior may tell you – men and women are distinctive creatures that have their own tastes and preferences. This is not to say that there isn’t any overlap, but the fact of the matter is that, on average, both many and women are unique in their own ways as representatives of the two genders. Well, you might ask how does this relate to your sexual relationship? It relates in a big way.

As a man, in most cases, you will have to learn to lead. If there is one thing that attracts women it’s if the man is a leader. And this can easily translate in the bed. You need to do away with any notions that you may have about treating the woman as a princess during this time. Of course, there is a subset of women that may like this – but the vast majority of women want to feel masculine, dominant energy when they are in bed with a man. It will be a bad sexual experience for her.

So, the first rule of thumb is to never be hesitant as to what to do next while in bed. The worst thing that you could do while you’re having sex is to ask questions. Granted, this wouldn’t surprise us if it’s something that you think you should do. The fact of the matter is that many men are actively demasculinized by their upbringing and the society that forces them to treat women as beings on a pedestal.

There is nothing wrong with that, but again, it may cause problems in the bed. Long story short – don’t ask the girl what she wants to do when you’re in bed. You can have a constructive discussion afterwards or before – but not during it. If you implement your logical, thinking mind in the equation of having sex then you may very well have shot yourself in the knee. It will ruin the entire atmosphere of the moment.

If you want her to do something – don’t ask her to do it. Tell her to do it. You’d be surprised to learn just how responsive women get to an unwavering command given by a man while the two of you are having sex. It’s in the nature of most women to respond to male dominance in a favorable way. This won’t make her dislike you – in fact, it will make her even more attracted to you and the act will increase the heat of the moment.

Feel free to maneuver her in space (make sure, of course, that you don’t overdo this and hurt the girl.) Most girls like getting their hair pulled by a man while having sex. Some of them may enjoy being slapped in the butt. The most important thing to do is to let yourself go and feel the moment. You will see that you know exactly what to do while you’re at it. Just don’t overthink it – this is a mistake. Feel it learn more along the way and it will improve your sexual life and sexual technique

Monday, March 5, 2018

7 Sex Tips To Start Improving Your Sex Life Today

It can be a difficult to admit that your sex life is not what you would like it to be but you're not alone. Busy lifestyles and heavy workloads can put pressure on a relationship and especially on your sex life. It is a common problem for most couples in a long term relationship.

There are many people who wish their sex life was better. If you and your partner have good, open communication - which every good sexual relationship should have - then you're halfway to improving your sex life. The topic needs to be approached sensitively. You don't want to scare them with a big heavy talk and a list of demands!

Instead, there are small things you can do every day to start improving the quality of your sex life. Follow these sex tips below to help set the scene.

1. I bet you...
Play a flirty game with them. Place a little bet on something. Whoever loses has to cook dinner in the other partner's outfit of choice.

2. Flirty fun
It can be easy to overlook how we are interacting with our partner when we're rushed, tired and feeling overwhelmed. Take the time to give them a compliment or smile. Tease and have a laugh. Having fun and enjoying being together are the most important parts of a sexual relationship and can lead to a deeper connection in the bedroom.

3. Look at me!
You need to invest time in improving your sex life and who doesn't like to be paid attention? Get your partner in the mood by asking them about their day, listen and ask questions. Don't fake it! Be genuinely interested but don't overdo it either. Simple, non-sexual strategies can work just as well.

4. Touch me
This one is especially for the ladies. Sit down next to him and 'accidentally' brush your breasts up against his arm. He'll definitely notice.

5. Looking good
Tracksuit pants may be comfortable around the house but they won't light any fires in the boudoir. If you spend most of your time together in the evening, dress to impress, even if you're hanging out to get into your sweats. It will pay off later, even if you're not in the mood tonight.

6. Do you feel sexy?
Do little things to make you feel sexy. Try wearing your favourite underwear or cologne to work. Tell your partner what you're doing - have a giggle over your little secret.

7. Let's play pretend
Nobody else except your partner knows that your bedroom life isn't all you want it to be. Act confidently and you will begin to feel more confident. Other people will notice your positive and self-assured attitude, including your partner. As you begin to feel more confident, you will find it easier to address problems with your partner.

Start slowly and remember how to enjoy your time together. Commit to making time for each other and you will be on the right track to improve your sexual life with these sex tips.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

6 Erogenous Spots And Love Making Tips To Satisfy Her Sexually!

Women LOVE SEX! That is, women love sex if her partner knows how to massage her sexual pleasure spots using the right love making tips and with the right timing. There's lots to learn and a lifetime to do it. It's a fun way to experiment together. Try these basic techniques at her 6 erogenous spots and she'll love you!
Some may argue that there are more or less female erogenous spots than these. They may point out that women's erogenous spots include their neck, back, back of knees, arms, and so on. They may also say that a woman's brain is not an erogenous zones. My purpose here is to focus on six known spots that CAUSE ORGASMS in women.

1st Spot. Her brain.
Have you ever heard of the phrase, "you get to her body by getting to her head first?" Or, "the brain is the largest sex organ in the body?" You should first try to get your lady relaxed, feeling loved, and ready to go, before you try anything. A resistant woman means no fun and no orgasms!

Communication is a good ice-breaker. Talk in terms of what she likes. Then direct that conversation to some of the naughtiest things she's ever done. Or talk about fantasies she'd like to try. If you get her fully involved, and in the here and now, she can have an intense orgasm without touch. Her brain can cause her to rub herself!

2nd Spot. Her mouth.
If a woman can have a no-touch orgasm, as defined above, then she can surely have one by deep and hot kissing. You'll have to probably insert some naughty talk and tell her what you'd love to do to her, in detail, between kisses. Once she has a mouth orgasm she'll want them again and again. Making out is very special to women.

3rd Spot. Her breasts.
Once you get her heated above as outlined above you can head to her breasts. It's much better if she's heated up enough to guide your hand or mouth to her lovely breasts. Then start slowly, and tease around the nipple. Once you get it in your mouth make sure that you kiss, lick, gently bite, and suck it. Then apply more and more pressure until you are "milking" her breasts in and out with your mouth. It should take about 5-10 minutes.

4th Spot. Her clitoris.
Never head directly to her clitoris before you kiss her, give her some naughty talk, and play with her breasts. The only time I'd recommend that first contact with the clit is if it's part of a sex game and you just agree that you will lick her clit with your first contact.

Start off slowly and tease her with your finger or tongue at the very tip. Use a light and intermittent contact and make her tilt her pelvis for your touch. Less is more at this tender spot.

5th Spot. Her g-spot.
Use a firm one or two-finger touch on her g spot. With your palm up, use a "come here" motion that is firm and regular. It should take only a few minutes to give her this orgasm if you've properly prepared her with the above steps.

6th Spot. Her deep vaginal spot.
This deep vaginal or epicenter spot is located about 8 inches inside her vagina on the top. You can reach it with your long penis, deep vibrations, or even your hot explosion of semen. It shouldn't take more than about 30 strokes if you have the right spot and have prepared her as explained above.

You can use combinations of the above spots and really drive her nuts. Employ some sex games and some spicy ideas and you will have a very turned on woman! This is truly how to give a woman an orgasm!