Sunday, June 17, 2018

Five Wrong Reasons To Have Sex

Sex is meant to be a thing of consent and there shouldn’t be a wrong reason to engage in it. but this is not the case sometimes some people have sex other than the reason to feel happy and sexual satisfaction with their partners which is totally wrong. Let’s identify some wrong reasons people have sex:

I felt like I owed the person
Have you ever felt like this before? Probably the person might have helped you with the year’s rent, paid off your college debt, bought you that exotic house, or probably have taken you out to the loveliest dinner outing and you felt the best way to show appreciation is to give them intense orgasm. That’s a wrong reason to have sex. There are other ways to show appreciation, and most times a big smile, hug and thank you will be enough. Sex is meant for those who really want it as much as the other party does.

I wanted to have something to tell my friends
Call it peer pressure, but this pressure does not only involve teenagers. Some adults still feel that way especially if they are celibate or they’ve not gotten good loving in a long time. That stare they get from their friends when they hear sex has not been on the priority list for a long time might make them jump into bed with any stranger that is willing to do so. And the aftermath psychological effect could be depression and low self-esteem. Protect yourself and avoid getting into such situation.

I was under the influence of drugs
This is a terrible reason to have sex. When you are under the influence, it could make it all dangerous because you probably wouldn’t know who you are having sex with or if you are having safe sex and this could lead to sexually transmitted infections and sexually transmitted diseases. Taking drugs is bad and could put your life at risk; having unsafe sex is bad for sexual health.

I was coerced into it
This could be a scenario where you make the biggest mistake of your life to crash with a friend or colleague purely because you wanted to hang out with them; but then, hanging out turns to a long session of a plea for sex. You try and resist for a few hours, but when you realize you are not going to get a good night sleep, you give in for the sake of peace. Or, you just got into that new relationship, and it is not up to a week before the new guy or girl in your life starts pestering you for sex and you give in because you do not want to lose the relationship. Walking away would have been the best option in both scenarios. People should not coerce you into doing what you don’t want.

I was physically forced into it
This is in all shades of rape! If you’ve ever had such encounter, ensure that you report to the appropriate authorities. You should not feel ashamed to do so. To avoid getting yourself in this situation, be very observant of your environment, try not to get too close or comfortable to someone you have no feelings for. And, always have your pepper spray in your purse.