Friday, December 19, 2014

The health benefits of regular sex

Sex is great. No one will ever deny that, and that’s a fact. It’s one of the best experiences a person can have, and it’s the crown of one’s relationship with another. It’s no wonder that the sexual urge is one of the basic needs for every human alive. However, what if I were to tell you that sex is not only pleasurable in itself, but it is extremely beneficial to the human health as well? Some people are recognizant of this fact, while many other people aren’t. And this is one of the benefits of sexual health.

We’ll start out with sex as an exercise. Laugh it up all you want, but nearly every single muscle of the body is activated during normal sexual intercourse. If you want to have fun and try some freaky positions, then you may double the force output of your muscles – it depends only on your imagination. And not only that, but your heart starts working faster most often hours before sex, because you’re expecting it and you’re exited. And heart rate usually shoots through the roof while you’re having sex. This means that it’s a great cardiovascular exercise, especially if you can keep the intercourse up for about twenty minutes. It will have the effect of a thorough, full-body exercise. And this consequently means that you’ll stand to gain all the benefits of regular exercise, if you just have regular sex. Your health will improve dramatically as a result and treat erectile dysfunction.

Next in line are the benefits for the mind. We’ve touched on the subject that sex is one of the primal urges of the human body. And what happens when you satisfy a primal urge? Think of eating when you’re hungry, or drinking when you’re thirsty. The answer is – happiness. And this triples when you’re having sex. Just think of the tremendous levels of pleasure you’re experiencing in the act and it will all become clear. It’s healthy for the body, and it’s healthy for the mind. After the sexual intercourse you become profoundly calm and clear happiness breezes through your mind. What’s more, the hormonal profile changes for the better, making the whole picture complete.

Next is the potential benefit to spiritual health. What this means is that when you have sexual intercourse, if it isn’t with a prostitute, then you’re experiencing the bonding of two creatures into one. There’s a huge spiritual potential of this element, but many people neglect it and consider sex something trivial that you can and should do with anyone. While this may be the case for some people, others believe that it’s the result of a much more complicated relationship between two people. And this will help you improve your spiritual health as well.

This sums up this short list of benefits of regular sexual encounters. We’ve covered the health benefits for the body, the benefits for the mind, and the benefits to the soul. There a lot more other benefits as well, but they surpass the scope of this short article. So try to have sex regularly, it pays off!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Protection against Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Have you ever heard the term, to-die-for body? Do not take it literally. You do not want to meet an untimely death for no-one’s sake. You do not want to find the symptoms of STD on yourself or your partner.

There are many ways to stay out of harm’s way. Ask your sex partners to get tested. Get checked yourself. If you have any suspicion that you are infected, or you notice any change in your body, any possible symptoms of STD, do not hesitate. Go to see your doctor, the sooner the better.

Always use protection so that to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Your sex partner has to understand that you value your health and safety. Insist on using a condom, which is still the best way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Of course, you have to keep in mind that condom is not the best alternative when it comes to birth control. There are much safer, better, more effective ways to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Condom prevents your partner’s semen, vaginal fluids, or blood from getting into your body and blood stream and infecting you with a disease.

There are alternatives to condoms: latex surgical gloves or plastic wraps. Condom is your safest choice. You have to make sure that you use the right condom the right way.

Lubricated latex condoms are safe. Avoid condoms made of lambskin! They do not prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases – so they are useless, since we know that condoms are not the most effective way to prevent pregnancy.

If you use lubrication, use water-based lubes. Aqua Lube, Foreplay, KY Jelly are good examples. Oil based lubricants may damage condoms, and you do not want an ugly surprise. Shun vaseline, creams, and lotions.

You have to use condom for vaginal and anal sex, this goes without saying. You also must use condoms when you have oral sex with your partner. Yes, a diseased partner can infect you with HIV and other diseases through your mouth. You may have tiny wounds on the mucus membrane lining of your mouth (coming from brushing your teeth or biting your tongue), so, without protection, you are not safe at all.

Always check out the expiration date on the packaging of the condom. Put it on an erected penis, pull the foreskin back, and make sure that you are using the condom on the right side.

Once the sexual intercourse is over, the man should withdraw until his penis is still hard. When pulling his penis out, he should hold the condom with a hand, making sure it will not slip off.

When you give oral sex to a woman, use plastic wrap. Place it over her vagina. Like a condom, it can protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.