Sunday, August 24, 2014

Common sexual issues a teenage girl faces

Teenage days look good, but come with its set of problems. Teenagers have to deal with the hormonal imbalances in their body which forces them to look good to the opposite sex and some other sexual problems. Teenaged girls have to deal with their sexual problems, but their mum can help them in dealing with it. Not all moms are free to talk to their daughters about sex and sexual issues.

Psychologists, time and again suggest that talking about sex and sexual habits to their teenage son and daughter would only do well than bad. Parents must understand that you are their first teacher and if you fail to educate them, they may end up screwing their lives or resort to internet to get their dose of information. Internet is a wide world in itself, so teenagers start finding something there and end with totally different page. Below are the few sexual problems and issues which teenaged girls usually face:

First time sex:
According to a survey, young girls have their first time when they are in their early teens. The results of this survey must have disappointing for many parents, but that’s not a big deal. World has become more modern and people are open about sex. Premature ejaculation is a common problem for teenagers as well. The thing that parents must be concerned is to educate their young ones with the pros and cons of better sex life and the need to use protection.

If you are unlucky and not educated in sex then you end up having an unwanted pregnancy. Teenage pregnancy can be devastating. This is one major problem which gets sticky to deal with. Abortion is the only option left if you are very young, but it would have a bad impact on your body in the longer run. Parents must educate their kids with safe sex advices and young girls should insist on condoms if they are having sex.

Sexually transmitted diseases:
When the hormones are at their highest peak, it becomes really difficult to control those desires to have sex. Some young girls end up having sex with infected strangers unknowing the consequences. Every young girl must know what sexually transmitted diseases are and how painful they are. Some sexually transmitted diseases are incurable and some are life threatening as well. Teenagers can refer to the internet to know some of the worst STD’s and also precautions that they must ensure while having sex.

Teenagers must be educated on different precaution methods so that they keep themselves safe from unwanted STD’s and pregnancies. It is important that the parents talk to their little ones on their own or seek the help of an experienced, qualified psychologist.

Teenage is a crucial age in life where the hormones control their lives. You cannot stop or control your young ones at this stage. They become rebellious and that could worsen the condition and also break the bond that you share with them. It is important to educate them so that they care of themselves. Teach them the right ways to keep them safe. 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Few things women can do to secure their fertility

Unfortunately the number of women who cannot get pregnant is rising in the last few decades. Experts have determined few things that every woman should do in order to maintain her fertility.

But when can we talk about infertility? Infertility is a term used for women that are under the age of 35 and cannot get pregnant after one year of regular unprotected sexual intercourses. In cases when the woman is older than 35 years, we can talk about infertility if the woman doesn’t get pregnant after six months. Many factors affect fertility/infertility. The truth is that we can’t affect all the factors but there are a huge number of them that we can control.

Women need to understand that going to a gynecologist and having regular examinations is a must, because a gynecologist cannot predict your fertility for the next decade but he certainly can tell you about your current state of fertility. Woman should talk about their overall health with the gynecologist so he can advise them what to do in order to preserve their fertility. There are certain diseases related to the reproductive system that can affect fertility and women should be prepared for that. Better sexual enhancement.

Having weight that is close to the normal is important for woman’s health in general as it is for the health of the reproductive system including proper menstrual cycle. If you are overweight, you probably have higher levels of estrogen in your body due to increased reserves of fat in your body. Too much estrogen in your body means that your body acts in the same way when you are using contraceptive pills. On top of that, being overweight means that you have increased levels of insulin that can lead to problems in the ovaries (ovaries stop releasing eggs). Very low weight can cause problems too because it can lead to lack of estrogen which can slow down the reproductive cycle.

Physical activity is good for the body but excessive physical activity can cause rapid decrease of fat cells (used for production of estrogen) which is important for regular menstrual cycle. Excessive physical activity can lead to irregular periods and amenorrhea, which definitely affects the possibility to conceive.

Smoking is a really bad habit. It can lead to numerous diseases and it affects our everyday activities. But yet many women still don’t want to give up smoking. Maybe if they see how bad smoking is when we talk about fertility they will change their minds. Smoking is dangerous for both ovaries and uterus. It disrupts the production of estrogen (it can decrease the production of this important female hormone) and it can damages the eggs (making them nonfunctional). Besides that eggs can become more prone to genetic anomalies.

Finally, some sexually transmitted diseases don’t have visible symptoms but they can surely have a negative impact on fertility. They can lead to many infections. This is why you need to practice safe sex and have regular medical examinations.