Friday, July 6, 2018

Four Amazing Standing Sex Positions

Ever felt bored and tired of the normal sex routine which involves missionary, doggy and woman on top? Want to try something new and emotionally fulfilling? Then you should think more of getting on your feet rather than feeling cozy in bed.

Having sex while standing is one of the best positions that will have you and your partner emotionally engrossed and satisfies with each other after the act. It brings out the Bonny and Clyde nature in the both of you when you try out the weird standing positions. These sex positions are not what you try out with anybody; it has to be someone you connect with on a deeper level, or probably a hooker who knows her job. We prefer you try it out with the former.

Disco position
This position involves standing face to face with your partner at a very close range. You come a bit closer and bend your knees slightly between her legs. Your girl should part her legs at shoulders weight and also bend her knees too. Hold each other at the thighs while you penetrate slowly till you are fully inside of her. Ensure you are inside before making movements and subsequent strokes. You can grip her waist for support and deeper penetration,

Wall position
There should be a support structure to successfully carry out this sex position. Stand with your back against the wall with both legs slightly placed forward while your girl places her legs in between one of your leg backing you and with her rear end shooting out. You will need to grip her hips for control while she holds your thighs. You can deeply penetrate her with this position and also get to play with her breasts or stimulate the clitoris.

Candle position
This is a simple position where you stand still close to a wall for support, or in any open space. Your partner stands in front of you backing you and standing on her toes to get to the level of your penis. While penetrating, you can place both hands on her breast to make her wetter for you and she can put her right hand on the back of your head while she rests her head on the other side of your shoulders to allow your caress her neck with your soft kisses.

Bicycle position
This position is more comfortable for the woman as she drops on all fours- her hands and legs on the floor like an elevated doggie. She should stand on her toes so that her buttock is pushed up closer to your drooping penis. Her legs which should be slightly apart go in between your widely parted legs. You should grip her waist so you can gently pull her up to meet your deep thrusts.

The great thing about standing while having sex is that you are not restricted to the bedroom. You can have it at any corner of the house which includes the kitchen, sunroom, balcony, bathroom, laundry room etc. you can also take it outside to elevators, pools, public restrooms etc. Here are some amazing standing sex positions you and your partner can try out for utmost sexual pleasure.