Friday, October 24, 2014

How can Masturbation help you Achieve Ultimate Sexual Pleasure?

Masturbation helps you explore your body and figure out what excites you the most. Not very long time ago masturbation was considered as some wrong, dangerous and morally unacceptable. This practice was associated with perverts and freaks and those who are not capable to have regular sexual intercourse. Even the religious institutions were strongly against this activity. Luckily, today we are fully aware that none of these things are true and that masturbation is actually something completely normal, natural and acceptable sexual behavior and practicing masturbation is not something wrong. 

In fact, masturbation is recommend in some cases, because this is the best way to get to know our body, pleasures, feeling while developing love for ourselves and our bodies. Women that masturbate regularly usually achieve orgasm very easy when they have sex with their partner. They know exactly what leads them to orgasm and they know how to tell their partners what they need. It is a stereotype to think that only men are masturbating and this belief belongs to the past. According to many studies only 15% of women have never masturbated in their life while nearly 30% of women masturbate more than once a week. 10% of women have practiced masturbation more than once in a day. This last number seems like too much masturbation. But when can we say that someone is practicing masturbation too much?

In order to answer this question we need to ask ourselves whether we can speak about too much sex, too many orgasms and too much pleasure. If you are burdened with the fact that you have very high sex drive and that you are thinking about masturbation very frequently, this pressure that you put on yourself can be more harmful than the act of masturbation or sex. Probably the best way to determine whether you are having too much sex or masturbation is to check whether you are capable to function normally. Sexologists are aware of cases when men and women that use masturbation as a method to relieve themselves from stress practiced this behavior for more than 5 times a day. If you start feeling that you need to go out of your office in a middle of a really important business meeting just to masturbate it is definitely a good idea to seek some help.

As you probably know there are many ways to masturbate. Different people have different sexual desires. For example, you can use sex toys or do this activity without them. It is good to know that the number of sex toys that are available today is huge so you might have a problem to choose a proper one. A good advice is to avoid sex toys that don’t attract you with their appearance. It is good to find a toy that provides several types of stimulation. Women can experiment and create their own sex toys at home. Finally, don’t forget your fingers. Fingers can help both men and women achieve intense orgasm