Thursday, October 16, 2014

How to Get Harder Erection Naturally and Safely - 9 Essential Tips

There are many elements that influence a sexual encounter that will translate into good sex; one of them is undoubtedly a stronger erection. But, contrary to what many men believe, it could not only depend on the level of excitement, other favors also argue in favor or against to have a good erection. It explain to you what are figuring out how to enhance and maintain your erection for longer.

1. When it comes to sex, habits tend to be reflected in the way we react and even the satisfaction we get from each encounter. So to have a good erection should review some aspects that may be harming a good answer.

2. If you want a night of passion and pleasure, then the best for a good erection is avoiding excess alcohol. One or two cups can relax it, put it cheerful and light your sexual desire, but a whole bottle will let it idle, making it quite difficult to get a strong erection.

3. Stress has become the misery of the modern world, and beyond affect health significantly, stress impairs erections.
Be the problems at work, relationship problems or because you feel concerned for your reply in a sexual encounter, this factor can make getting a good erection becomes difficult. The advice is to leave aside the problems, do not focus so much on having a perfect sexual performance and enjoy the stimuli to achieve a good erection.

4. If you want to improve your erections set aside a sedentary lifestyle. The physical activity benefits the sex because it improves blood circulation, causing the heart to pump more blood to all organs, including the penis, which results in stronger and lasting erections. Moreover, they are a perfect alternative to relax and reduce stress. Incorporate cardiovascular exercises into your routine and you will notice the difference.

5. We know that sex is something that brings us much pleasure, but to get a good erection and satisfy your partner is important to reduce levels of anxiety, such as stress, nervousness can cause an erection is not exactly the best. Enjoy the sexual experience little by little, without despair or pressure of any kind, therefore the time of penetration can both enjoy it much better.

6. Following a healthy diet is vital to having good erections. The plastic food, fried or excess sweets, high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides produced by a high fat diet directly affect sexual performance, similarly affecting cardiovascular health.

7. Do not feel confident in the sexual aspect? Their confidence in bed is not the best? Many men have erection problems when in a period of uncertainty and depression. Be confident and with a good attitude, open to enjoy, explore and pass it well, it is important to have a good erection and enhance sexual performance.

8. If suddenly had a change in their erections for no apparent reason, it is important to check that it is not a side effect of some medication. Many drugs may interfere with the quality of erections, so does the intake of some drugs often results in the decrease of erections considerably.

9. Achieving a harder erection is a combination between a stimulus of pleasure and a healthy lifestyle. However, many men have problems in this aspect despite having good habits, if this is the case; the most convenient is to visit your doctor to find a specific solution for your particular condition.