Friday, March 3, 2017

Too much masturbation?

Most men are aware of the fact that masturbation is an act that almost every man gets involved in from time to time. The fact is that masturbation brings many benefits in addition to the good feeling. For instance, masturbation can help guys learn how their body is functioning, but it can also improve the health of their penis. It can help you to lasting longer in bed. However, there are situations when men may need to lower the frequency of this activity. Of course, this can be difficult for some men who are used to masturbate very frequently.

As we have mentioned before, there is nothing abnormal with masturbation. Almost every guy masturbates at some period in their life and the majority of men masturbate regularly through the adulthood. But, what if you think that you are masturbating too much? Frequent masturbation can lead to penis soreness. Reduce in frequency of masturbation can give you the biggest erection ever during proper sexual intercourse. So, what can men do to prevent masturbation when their penis is already erected?

Avoid porn
Now here’s an obvious suggestion. In case you don’t want to play with your fully erected penis, you should definitely stay away from things that will support erection. These activities can cause an erection if you don’t have one too. So, stay away from porn movie and video clips when you want to reduce the frequency of masturbation.

Make a schedule
Well, this advice may not seem exciting, but it is definitely effective. It would be best if you come up with a plan that will limit the amount of time you spend on this activity. In case you are masturbating for 30 minutes a day, start masturbating to 15 minutes every second day.

Change your sleep pattern
The latest surveys have shown that there are a huge number of men who like to masturbate in their beds. In most cases they want to do this before falling asleep or when they get up with a morning excitement. In case you want to keep this need for masturbation under full control, you should limit the time you use in the bedroom. Namely, try using your bedroom just for sleeping and don’t stay in it longer than necessary. In addition, when you are already in bed try to sleep on the left or right side, not on the stomach or back. If you do this, you will avoid situations when your penis is rubbing against pillows and sheets. This is another thing that leads to arousal. If you have problems sleeping, try meditation or some breathing exercises. Don’t use masturbation as a technique that helps you fall asleep faster.

Get involved in other activities
Make a plan to try some new things instead of masturbation. For instance, you can get involved in sports activities like playing basketball, rollerblading, running etc. You can also take gym classes in your local gym or take long walks. Don’t forget that physical activity releases the same hormones as sex, so you will feel great all the time.

Masturbation is a completely normal thing, but if you are doing it too frequently it’s time to take some actions.