Saturday, December 9, 2017

Sex Games For Your Bedroom

When it comes to spicing things up in the bedroom, nothing beats the timeless magic of role playing. This enables people in a relationship to do things that they will not normally do. Behind the guise of another person, their inhibitions are completely stripped off; thus, leaving them to do exactly what they want to. There are other things that couples may do to spice up their sex life. Through different games and activities, routine intercourse could completely be avoided. However, most couples think that these games would only waste their time.

The following sex game ideas will surely change the way that you feel about sex games. Try them out for yourself and find out how they can add magic to your sex life.

Tasty Treats
Use food to satisfy your sexual hunger. Different types of food are usually available in your refrigerator. Be creative. Think of simple ways to use them in heightening your partner's sexual pleasure. Place dabs of whipped cream on strategic places on your partner's body. Take your time in licking every single drop of it off. The texture and the temperature of the whipped cream, along with the sensation of your lips and your tongue will drive your partner mad with pleasure. Go one step wilder and tie your partner's hands to the posts of the bed before you lick the whipped cream off. His lack of control over the situation will arouse him more than ever.

Be a Teenager Again
Remember how you couldn't get enough of each other when your relationship was just starting. Try to go back to that magical time by going on an all out make-out session. Kiss for the longest possible time. Try caressing different parts of your partner's body while kissing.

Wish List
Both of you should make a list of different sexual things that you want your partner to do to you. Place them on little pieces of paper and fold them. Take turns in picking a piece from the pile and acting out what is written. This game gets more fun as the game progresses. The different sexual favors will arouse both you and your partner's drive. This also gives you the chance to find out which sexual activity your partner loves. Remember what he wrote down and try them out again the next time that you spend quality time in the bedroom.

Make a Bet
Bet about anything, even frivolous things; but instead of forking over money, the loser should remove a piece of clothing. Make on bet after another. Whoever is left with no clothes on loses (or wins) the game.

Guess What
Tie a blindfold around your partner's eyes and make him lie on the bed. Rub some lubricant on different part of your body (like your fingers or the tip of your nose) and rub them gently on your partner's skin. Touch different places to increase his confusion. Ask him to guess what body part you are using to touch him. Remove the blindfold only when he makes the right guess.