Thursday, March 17, 2016

How can touching techniques help your sex life?

When someone mentions sex, people usually think about penetration. However, the sexual intercourse is much more complex and in order to enjoy sex you must not avoid the other elements of this activity. It turns out that touching can be an excellent way to improve sexual experience. Touching is actually a sense that can help you and your partner get the most from every sexual intercourse you have. Of course, you must provide this pleasure to your partner if you want to get some too.

Touching is a very intimate physical contact between two individuals. If we take a close look at this term in broader sense, we will notice that sex, kissing, masturbating, hugging are all forms of touching. In addition, holding hands and contact between chests is touching too. Some of these forms are very intimate and they are usually performed only by two partners while others are more common and they can be present even among strangers. In this article we will discuss the touching techniques that can boost your sex life. Even though there are many techniques like this that were developed a long time ago, we will mention only the most effective ones.

To start with, try to focus on the testosterone level in the body. Keeping the production of testosterone on a normal level is crucial for the level of sensitivity to simple stimulation by touching. According to numerous studies, testosterones (male hormones) are to some extent responsible for the sexual feeling men get when they are touched sometimes. In case the testosterone levels are very low, you can choose a testosterone replacement therapy, even though there are many natural ways to boost testosterone levels like using supplements, special foods, herbs and practicing exercises.

Another way to use touching to improve sex life is through massage. The circular movements that are part of every massage can be very pleasant and relaxing. Rubbing your partner and getting a massage from them will make things more vibrant and lively. Massages that take place on a regular basis can help you with the sensitivity to touch. On top of that, this activity can also boost the immune system, enhance blood flow, improve skin cells, de-stress your mind, relax muscles and increase mental sharpness. All these things will make you feel better and enjoy sex more than ever.

Furthermore, you can use touching to find new forms of sexual desire that don’t include intercourse or even without reaching orgasm. Of course, if you reach climax that’s perfectly fine, but you don’t have to be focused on this. With the help of touching without intercourse, you can detect some sexual issues and you can also use it as a support for intimacy problems and anxiety treatments.

Finally, if you regularly touch each other with passion, you’ll be able to maintain the closeness. This is something that many couples miss after being together for years. Touching brings back the feeling of intimacy.