Thursday, January 21, 2016

Stress And Penis Health

Men, just like women are always worried about their health. What is interesting is that they are especially worried about the health of their penis. The reason is simple – they feel that this is the symbol of manhood. So, when they have a healthy penis they have more self-confidence and self-esteem. The vast majority of men are well-aware of the physical factors that have impact on the health of the penis, but only a small number of them are aware that there are some seemingly less serious factors that can have great impact. One of these factors is stress. Stress can have significant influence on penis health.

We are living in a world in which stress is not unusual. As a matter of fact, almost every adult is exposed to stress on a daily basis. According to some statistics, about 50% of people feel more stressed today compared to the feeling they had 5 years ago. More than ¾ of the visits to the doctor’s office are directly related to stress and many illnesses are caused directly or indirectly by stress. In other words, stress is linked to many emotional and physical problems and conditions. Some of the most common ones include high blood pressure, heart problems, sleeping problems, eating disorders, alcohol and drug abuse, cancer etc. But, how does stress affect the penis?

The penis is part of the reproductive system and since this system is one of the crucial systems in our body, it is no surprise why stress has direct impact on penis health. There are few different ways in which stress has influence on the penis. These effects can turn a healthy penis into a dysfunctional one in case we don’t take some measures.

For starters, men who deal with high levels of stress regularly have probably noticed that their penis is slightly smaller compared to the times when they were completely relaxed. This is something that they can notice when they are on a holiday. This is a temporary situation, but it takes time to solve it. 
Furthermore, stress leads to erectile dysfunction. This is a more serious condition. This is what men fear the most – the inability to maintain proper erection. There is a simple explanation for this relation. When the body is under pressure and stress, the level of stress hormones is increased which leads to tightening of some blood vessels. This results in improper blood flow which is crucial for proper erection. Finally, stress lowers the levels of testosterone. This male hormone is linked to erection and sex drive.

So, if you want to avoid these unpleasant situations, you must find a way to eliminate stress. The first step is to find out what is causing the stress. When you know the triggers you can select some of the many relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, massage etc. it is also a good idea to take care of penis health in other ways like good hygiene, regular intercourses and using some creams and lotions.