Sunday, June 21, 2015

How to Keep Your Penis Healthy

Regardless of an age of a man, the penis is always a trophy to keep in effective state. In fact, the penis is part of a whole: the male body, which in itself is a machine that needs oxygen and nutrients to keep in good condition. So, to take care of this precious organ, it is necessary to take care of the entire body, but the problems will indirectly get there. One of the major problems associated with this “vital” body is erectile dysfunction and can be devastating to the manhood of any man. But if this so infamous problem arises, it cannot only mean that the glorious erection fails to happen, but there is something even more problematic with your body, like some kind of heart problem. This can even mean that a heart attack is there on the way. A problem in the arteries due to a cardiovascular disease affects from the beginning the small arteries in the penis that are vital to achieving a good erection. So, here are some advices for a healthy penis so that your women repay you a beautiful smile.

Eat Berries
Spread cranberry jam on her body and be sure to eat; you can also just put the jam on a piece of bread, or ... well, buy blackberries, blueberries, raspberries ... and eat them during the day. Blackberries, blueberries, and overall, all berries contain a large content of antioxidants that are critical to maintain a hard erection for long years.

Get Rid Of Free Radicals with Antioxidants
If your bloodstream is "polluted" with too many free radicals, it follows a decrease of nitric oxide - a chemical that helps dilate blood vessels and, above all, helps you get a good erection. Antioxidants are essential to get rid of free radicals, so we ingest them in large quantities, especially anthocyanins (a class of flavonoids) that are present in colorful foods, especially fruits and vegetables.

Insisting on Foods having Anthocyanins
It has been found that the arteries treated with anthocyanins retain a higher level of nitric oxide even when flooded with free radicals. Antioxidants Anthocyanin in particular, has the ability to reduce free radicals and increasing its power, leading to more blood in the penis.

Do Not Smoke
It is still one of which is undecided whether tobacco pleasure is greater than the pleasure of the flesh, think twice, because later or earlier will have to decide for one of the two. Among other problems, smoking greatly increases the risk of heart attack, lung cancer and bladder cancer. There are studies that prove that smoking doubles the risk of a man suffering from erectile dysfunction. But if a man quit smoking before middle age, the damage may be reversible. Learning the importance of having omega 3 can help the arteries destroyed by tobacco recover more easily.

Relax and Enjoy
Stress is one of the biggest enemies of the mind and body. The stress in the long run, causes a hardening of the arteries reducing the blood to the penis region, which can lead to erectile dysfunction consequently. Learn to relax, feel calm and serene. Do meditation or incorporate physical exercise in your weekly routine, such as yoga or Pilates.

No Snoring
The snoring can destroy a sex session, not because she did not feel Snoring particularly sexy, but because it limits the oxygen absorption, especially if you suffer from sleep apnea. Basically, when you snore, you stop receiving proper oxygen. Try raising your torso when sleeping, as this measure could drastically reduce snoring. If this measure fails, consult a good specialist.

Eat Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants, including epicatechin responsible for releasing chemicals that relax the inside of the arteries. If eat about 30 grams of cocoa or dark chocolate per day, it increases the dilation of blood vessels by more than 10%. As the penis is rich in blood vessels, this measure also affect, bringing the penis region more blood and therefore a greater erection.

Reduce Your Weight
Calculate your body mass index (BMI) and know if your weight is right keeping in mind your age and height. If you are overweight, know that your masculinity may be threatened literally, for a man overweight converts testosterone to estrogen, and low testosterone level and a high level of estrogen is not particularly good for having a strong erection.

Studies have shown that acupuncture made for about six weeks can help a lot, psychologically and physically, in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. However, always consult a specialist before deciding on the treatment.

Strengthen the Pelvic Muscles
Strengthening pelvic muscles is an excellent way to prevent not only the premature ejaculation, but also erectile dysfunction. Pelvic exercises are also called Kegel exercise. These exercises if done every day for six months can regain power of your sexual weapon. Strengthening these muscles results in a barrier which can prevent rapid release of the blood and maintaining an erection for a longer time. Include Kegel exercises into your daily routine: contract your pelvic muscles for 10 seconds and relax (those responsible for stop urinating if desired), repeating 15 times this procedure. You can do these exercises while driving to work or when you're sitting at a coffee.

Check your routine medicines
If you feel that erectile dysfunction may be just around the corner or is already a reality, check to see if any of the medications that you may be eating, do not have this result as a side effect. Erectile dysfunction usually happens as a side effect if the patient is on antidepressants drugs. If you are not sure, ask your doctor about it.

Talk About It
Erectile dysfunction is not just an isolated episode of anxiety which can be put under the carpet. It is rather something more obvious and recurrent which causes a great shaking in your sex life. If this happens, it is important to talk about it; not only with your doctor but also with your partner. Talking about it along with the practical measures will expedite the curing process of it.