Thursday, July 2, 2015

Painkillers Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Men who take painkillers for long periods can experience problem of erectile disorder. People usually prefer to take pain killer to avoid pain associated with aging; however, they don’t realize that they are inviting a bigger problem – erectile dysfunction.
According to a new study, prolonged use of opiate drugs for at least four months increases the chances of men needing treatment for erectile dysfunction in 50%.
Although the treatment done by these drugs actually is necessary for some cases, the medical literature shows that prolonged use of substances contained in medicines can cause various complications, such as addiction, overdose and sleep apnea along with ED.

The results of the study were maintained even after the researchers consider other factors that could cause the condition, such as age, smoking and depression.
The study has been done on the middle-aged people who are regularly taking painkiller drugs or Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). The result noted an inability to maintain a hard erection during sex, esp. those who are on regular NSAIDs dose as compared to others.

Another research conducted where about 11,000 men with the problem of back pain participated in the study. These men were on opioids on a daily basis to alleviate their problem of back pain. The health reports of these men where closely analysed for a possible link between their intake of opioids and erectile dysfunction.

It was found that more than 19% of men who were on high dosage of opioids for a period of 4 or more months were also prescribed medication for the treatment of ED and testosterone replacement. And, over 12 % of men who were on low dosage of opioids were also prescribed medication to treat erectile dysfunction.

The results thus concluded that a regular intake of opioids for an extended period of time might have a negative effect on a man’s ability to have proper erection during sex. However, there is no direct co-relation that can be asserted that intake of opioids or painkillers can lead to erectile problems in men. But, the patient and especially doctor should be aware of this association while prescribing medicine for back pain.

It is important to reveal that research has found an association, not a cause and effect link. Thus, more research is needed so that this relationship can be understood more fully. The study doesn’t definitively prove that a regular intake of NSAIDs or opioids is the actual cause of erectile dysfunction in men. There are many middle-aged men who are bound to take these medicines on a daily basis to avoid the risk of heart attack and stroke.