Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How to Accept Morning Smells and Have Morning Sex?

The truth is that unpleasant smells on the body develop during the night, but this should not stop you from having morning sex.

Many people want to start the day with sex, but avoid it because of the unpleasant odors, such as morning bad breath, smell of sweat and odor in the genital area. Of course, there is a way to avoid this by keeping mints or wet wipes on the nightstand close to you, but this move just like running to the bathroom for a morning shower or brushing teeth before a hot action almost always ruin the spontaneity that we feel in the morning. Get used to your partner’s body and accept it fully. Women should not miss their partner’s morning erection and if they are in the mood they should definitely go for a morning oral sex. On the other hand, men can wake their partner with gentle kisses, body massage and hot sex which will surely give you strength for the upcoming day.

You have probably heard or experienced situations in which people try to conceal the bad morning breath in front of their partner and they usually use sheets, pajamas or their hand in front of their mouth when they talk. They avoid passionate kisses because of the unpleasant odor from their own or their partner’s mouth, because they are afraid that they will make their partner feel unpleasant or vice-versa. That’s why the first thing that they usually do in the morning is to jump out from the bed and go wash their teeth. This is something completely unnecessary because it ruins morning romance, spontaneity and initial lust and all these things usually wake up together with you every morning. Of course, life is not a compilation of movie scenes in which actors jump on each other right away from the moment they wake up. After all, it is not necessary to start a real romantic moment with a French kiss. You can start kissing your partner’ shoulder, neck or body and after that reach the mouth. If he morning breath still bothers you, you can have sex without kissing each other in the mouth.

Even if you have taken a relaxing scented shower before you go to bed, the morning smell of the penis or vagina can be quite different from what you expect. The human body is active during the entire night which means that the body burns calories while sleeping and it is also sweating (especially in summer). So, it is quite normal and logical to expect that the scent that you have used for washing your genitals to be gone in the morning. In other words, the genitals have their natural scent. If you wake up and urinate during the night you will certainly leave scent trails. This is precisely the reason why men and women avoid morning sex. But, if you are really eager to please your partner and you want to avoid the unpleasant odor at the same time, use your hand and perform a quick massage on your partner’s crotch. In this way you will leave the odor. If you really think about it, you will understand that there shouldn’t be any particular odor, because the odor from your mouth works in the same way. Finally, in a worst case scenario, the odors will be gone after the first minute from your oral sex performance. Keep in mind that you can always skip the morning oral sex if none of these things work.