Saturday, January 24, 2015

2 Juice Recipes to Restore Erectile Function

Specific fruits and vegetables supply great nutrients including citrulline, amino acids, and antioxidants which help increase nitric oxide levels in the body which dilate arteries and work the same way like Cialis and Viagra. Erectile dysfunction happens from emotional and physical events which result in the inability to get and keep an erection. For a lot of guys around the world this awkward occasion can cause a reduction self confidence and stimulate emotional damage. Erectile dysfunction continues to be going on for 1000s of years. Men all over the world must not stress. There are natural methods to improve the flow of blood to the penis leading to longer, harder erections.

Juice Recipe for impotence has proven to be one of the most effective and natural treatment to restore erectile function. It is a problem for many people and also for many women. With advancing age, many men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, a disease characterized EPLA partial or total absence of erection during sexual intercourse. Contrary to what men think, the dysfunction is not lack of masculinity and is no reason to greater frustration. Fortunately, there are already healthy and present methods to improve sexual performance without major complications.

Following are the top 2 Juice recipes to restore erectile function:
1. Papaya juice with kiwi.
·        3 kiwis shelled
·        1 medium papaya (seedless)
·        1 cup water

Beat all ingredients in a blender and sweeten it to your taste. The individual who suffers from sexual impotence must take this juice once a day, preferably at night.
The kiwi is the main ingredient of this home remedy, which in addition to having antioxidant properties, combat male infertility and is an aphrodisiac. But despite its benefits, do not overdo it, because if consumed in excess can cause intestinal problems.
Sexual impotence is a disease that can occur for psychological or physiological factors that hinder blood circulation to the sexual organs, affecting the sexual life of men of different ages. Include fruits like Kiwi, Apple and Guarana in your daily diet helps prevent this disease.

2. Combination of Watermelon and pomegranate
Watermelon and pomegranates are amazing fruits which are packaged with antioxidants which increase nitric oxide amounts in the body resulting in Viagra-like effects without all the serious potential side effects linked to the drugs.

·        2 Pomegranates
·        4 medium size piece of Watermelon
·        juice extractor & Knife


Use a knife and cut into chunks half of a quarter of watermelon so that it fits well inside your juice extractor. Make sure you leave the seeds and get rid of the rind. Cut the pomegranate into half initially and if you want can add more. It is a great combination which offers valuable nutrients that can cure your impotence problems and help you get the very best.