Tuesday, April 28, 2015

6 Rules to Maintain Erections

The penis is a body extension, share a blood supply, oxygen and nutrients to other organs. So, if you other body part suffers some problem, it will be difficult to keep erections strong. Erection problems not only reveal erectile dysfunction, can also be an early diagnosis of heart attacks, because the arterial damage in cardiovascular disease affects the arteries of the penis in the first place, "says Christopher Steidle, Urologist Indiana University.

To maintain a hard erection, one do not necessarily resort to pills, there are some rules which are natural to help you get it. The sooner you begin to follow them, the better.

1. Eliminate stress
“In the long term the emotion of stress can harden the arteries and prevents erections” says urologist J. Stephen Jones. The solution is that every day you take five minutes to concentrate on the sensations of the moment: your hands on the wheel, the sound of the horn. “To relax and focus on current sensations, you reduce the epinephrine and ultimately improve your ability to have better erections” says Jay Winner, author of "Stress Management Made Simple".

2. Eat berries
As blackberries or blueberries are rich in anthocyanins, an antioxidants that help to maintain high blood levels of nitric oxide, which is one of those responsible for erections to stand firm, says a study by Indiana University. Eat one serving a day.

3. Exercise
No matter how busy you are, it is important to at least start moving every day. It is shown that men who walk at least 3km per day have half the rate of problems of erection than those who are sedentary.

4. Stop smoking
Smoking causes arterial damage that doubles the risk of you to suffer from sexual dysfunction, according to a study published in the Journal of Urology. Meanwhile Andre Guay, director of Lahey Clinic for Sexual Function, says quit of smoking before age 50 reverses the damage.

5. Choose fish meat
Following the above line, researchers from Royal College of Surgeons claim that fish contains taurine, an amino acid that helps heal arteries damaged by snuff. So if you have been a smoker, it can help to maintain stronger erection.

6. Sleep well
During sleep, erections have three to five hours, which kept "fed" the penis to provide oxygenated blood. Thus, the more "elevations" night has, the more flexible is the erectile tissue and that can help maintain firm erections in future.

Furthermore, the anxiety also can cause erection problems which is associated with the fear of unwanted pregnancy, especially for those contraceptive methods have failed, says Karen Donahey of Northwestern University. The vasectomy sperm eliminates the risk and aid in sexual life.

Although there are in the market herbs and supplements that claim to help you get erections more powerful, has not been shown to be truly effective and can also be unsafe, says the National Institutes of Health. Best recommendation would be to go natural and consult your doctor.