Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How to Have Good Sex without Penetration?

Many people are unaware of the fact that good sex without penetration is possible. The culmination of a heterosexual intercourse that leads to an orgasm is the penetration of the penis into the vagina. However, sex of this kind can sometimes bring many dangers because the absence of appropriate protection can result in various sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy too. All these risks can be avoided by practicing sex without penetration, which is a very effective and pleasant alternative. This type of sex is preferred especially in situations where one of the partners or both of them want to protect their virginity or to live with sexual abstinence and also when sex that includes penetration is impossible for one or few reasons – certain damages to the sexual health of one of the partners, painful penetration etc. There are few ways in which people can have sex without penetration and what they all have in common is that they can be really exciting.

A very common way of having sex without penetration, which was practiced even among people living in ancient times, is by rubbing the penis between the thighs of the partner. This is a really easy method and anyone can perform it. You and your partner should first find a comfortable position and your partner should simply squeeze her thighs together in a way that will provide a pleasant feeling for your penis once you start to penetrate between them. In addition, you can always use certain amount of lubricant on your penis and the thighs in order to avoid the unpleasant feeling of rubbing and pain. Sex of this kind can be pleasant for both partners because you can stimulate the clitoris of your partner if you place the penis close to the vaginal opening. It is highly recommended to use a condom especially if this type of sex will be used only as foreplay.

Rubbing the penis between the partner’s breasts is another foreplay technique and a type of sex without penetration that is very popular. In many cases this technique ends in orgasm for at least one of the partners. The most appropriate position for sex of this type is when the woman rests on her back and the man sits down on her upper body so he could penetrate between her breasts. Just like in the case of thighs technique you should use lubricant which will allow comfortable rubbing and you can squeeze the breasts together or ask your partner to do that. In order to provide mutual pleasure you can use your fingers to stimulate the nipples on the breasts or the clitoris. Your partner can stimulate your penis with her lips if she puts a pillow under her head.

Sex without penetration can be an interesting and good foreplay or enrichment of the sexual relationship and it can easily replace sex with penetration if it is needed. The examples we have mentioned in this article are not the only examples of sex without penetration so feel free to use your imagination and explore your abilities.