Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment with Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy or counselling has shown tremendous result in the improvement of problem of erectile dysfunction of psychogenic origin. On the contrary, several studies show that the classical forms of psychotherapy do not have good results in the treatment of psychogenic erectile dysfunction. Such results may be due to the fact that, usually, these techniques require a relatively long time to produce their effects. Patients, who suffer from sexual dysfunction, although in many cases, present the long-standing problem, to resort to professional, want a quick relief to your problem. Often when they fail to see quick result, they get frustrated and abandon the treatment.

Faster treatment techniques, called generically brief psychotherapy have shown better results. The combination of psychotherapy and medication that helps promote erection has been shown to be beneficial to the results. This procedure has shown lower rates of noncompliance than isolated psychotherapy. As the patient feel more secure and start to realize the benefits of therapy, the medication may be withdrawn without any problems.

As already mentioned, several times, erectile dysfunction should be considered as a problem of the couple. The joint processing of partners offers a faster result, better and more lasting. After all, the goal of therapy is not only to solve the problem of hard erection. It is also desired, a general improvement in the affective relationship of the couple, often compromised by disorders caused by erectile dysfunction. Increased communications between partners, promoted by therapy, have very beneficial effects on the relationship.

The psychotherapeutic treatment will allow the man to reduce their anxiety about sexual performance, promote the spread of their confidence and self-esteem. Psychotherapeutic sessions also end up serving a second and crucial role. During therapy, the patient may express their doubts, prejudices and taboos regarding sexual activity. These issues need to be corrected by an educational activity. In this regard, it is noteworthy that despite all the progress made by our company in the sphere of sexuality, it is essential to address remaining questions. Distorted concepts can be found in all socioeconomic and cultural segments.

The psychotherapeutic treatment lasts an average of four to six months, at intervals of one session per week. The positive results, based on the improvement of erections were observed in 75% of patients, with in a period of six months.

The failure percentage is due to the abandonment of treatment or those cases with a deeper commitment in relation to their emotional development. Such cases, because of their complexity, require a much more lengthy treatment.

Group psychotherapy is being used for the treatment of psychogenic ED. This approach proved to be very effective. When interacting with other individuals with the same type of difficulty, the man finds in practice that he is not alone and helpless against the problem. The link established with the group strengthens the desire for healing and decreases the therapy dropout rates.