Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Link Between Penis Odor And High Temperature

For many men and women, summer is the best season because they can get involved in numerous outdoor activities like tanning, swimming and other physical activities that are fun and healthy. However, many men are not glad when high temperatures kick in because this is the period of the year when their penis odor problem occurs. Of course, this health issue can be a problem throughout the year, but summer makes it worse. But, the good news is that there is a solution to this problem – taking proper care of your penis health and hygiene.

Truth to be told, the underwear represent an ideal place for the creation of penis odor. In case you didn’t know, bacteria are the basic reason why this unpleasant smell appears. Namely, bacteria buildups are not uncommon in areas that are warm and filled with moist and this is exactly what is going on down there when the temperature is high. The testicles are naturally warmer and the pubic hair that protects the penis makes the situation even more complicated. So, it is almost impossible to avoid sweating in summer.

What is good to know is that even though bacteria play a major role in the process of creation of penis odor, this is not the only reason why your penis has a strong and unpleasant smell. The fact is that there are few other things that can lead to situations like this.

To start with, you might have a fungal infection which creates a different smell. Of course, this smell is still unpleasant and unwanted. Just like in the case of bacteria, fungi are fond of warmth and moisture which make your crotch the ideal environment.

Furthermore, the presence of a UTI (urinary tract infection) can also contribute to the smell that comes from the penile area. Although most men know that they must remove the drops of urine when they are finished urinating; only a small number of them wipe the penis. The UTI is actually triggered by dried urine and this infection produces sharp smell.

Finally, men suffering from diabetes often experience ketone bodies which are by-products of improper dissolution of fatty acids. Obviously, these compounds come with a strong, unattractive smell which ultimately leads to penis odor.

As we said, it is possible to deal with this problem smoothly. For starters, make sure that you are practicing outstanding intimate hygiene. When summer arrives, shower and wash the intimate area every day, carefully. If you are physically active, wash this part of the body twice a day. In addition, you should also wash the penis and the genital area after a sexual intercourse.

It is also a good idea to sleep naked during the summer period if possible. The indirect causes of penis odor like fungal infections, UTI and diabetes must be treated regularly too. In the end, keep in mind that spicy foods, foods with strong odor and smoking tobacco can also contribute to the occurrence of penis odor.