Friday, October 16, 2015

Sex In Later Life – Sex Tips For Men

Sex life in men in later life is not the same as before, but with the right activities it can still be very satisfying. Contrary to popular beliefs and myths about sexuality among the elderly, this activity is not reserved only for young people. Many older people enjoy their sexuality even when they are more than 80 years old. A healthy sex life fulfills people and it is also good for the other aspects of your life like self-esteem and physical health.

Your health can have a big influence on your sex life. In case you or your partner has poor health or some chronic disease such as arthritis or heart disease, intimacy and sex can be a challenge. Surgeries and different drugs, like the ones used for lowering blood pressure or anti-depressants may also have impact on your sexual function. But, you should never give up. You and your partner have all the time in the world to make experiments and find a way to improve your sex life.

In addition, it is good to point out that emotional problems can affect your sexuality at any age. Many older couples are more satisfied with their sex life because there are fewer things that cause distractions; they have more time and more privacy. On the other hand, some older couples feel nervous and stressed out due to health problems, financial worries and other problems in their lives. Depression can also reduce the desire for sex.

You should be prepared for a different way of having sex with your partner compared to the ones you practiced when you were young. However, intimacy and sex life can still be a great part of your life. These are some of the sex tips that can help you achieve that.

Talk to your partner – you may find it difficult to talk about sex if you were raised in an environment where sex was a taboo. But, an open discussion with your partner about your needs, desires and concerns can help in improving intimacy and sex life. 

Expand your definition of sex – intercourse is just one of the ways to have a good sex life. Kissing, touching and other intimate contacts can be as pleasant as sex for you and your partner. You must accept the fact that with age it is normal for yours and your partner’s needs and abilities to be changed.

Visit your doctor – a doctor can help in handling chronic conditions and drugs that affect your sex life. In case you are experiencing any problems, ask your doctor for appropriate treatments like erectile dysfunction treatmenttreat soft erection or medications. 

Develop a routine – in many cases, certain simple changes can improve your sex life. Change the period of the day when you have sex. Change the place where you have sex.

Don’t forget the romantic moments – if you have lost your partner it can be very difficult to think about starting a new relationship. However, dating and socializing can be great for many people who are single. No one can outgrow the need for intimacy and emotional closeness.