Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Physical Activity As A Powerful Aphrodisiac

There is no doubt that the time you spent is a time spent wisely. Physical activity will not only make you feel better and look better, but it will also provide some unexpected positive effects on your sex life. This is something that we are all looking for given the fact that many experts agree that modern people are practicing very dull sex life which often leads to sexually related problems. By understanding the direct link between a healthy lifestyle and what can be considered as good sex, you can help yourself and your partner achieve better results both in the bed and in the gym.

Over the past few years, several unrelated scientific studies have confirmed that there is a connection between regular physical activity and sex. According to Dr. Tina Penhollow from the University of Florida who was actively involved in one such study – physical activity acts as a "herbal aphrodisiac" in most women.

The following is a list of things that came as a direct result of regular exercise and how they changed the sex life of women.

Physical activity accelerates excitement and arousal
A scientific study has shown that women who are practicing physical activity on a regular basis can get excited much faster than those who are passive. Furthermore, they are able to achieve orgasm more frequently and they experience it in a more intensive way. There is actually a simple explanation for this occurrence – cardio exercises improve blood flow, including circulation in the genital area thus enhance strong erection. As we all know improved circulation is one of the key elements of intense orgasm. Without proper circulation women often experience dryness in this area and lack of ability to feel excited.

Physical activity improves focus
Many modern women are suffering from lack of concentration when it comes to sex. For example, they are in bed, they feel loved and in the mood for sex, but their thoughts slowly start to drift away. They think about their job, their exams or some other everyday activities. Regular physical activity can help women synch their body and mind, so that they can completely shut down all other thoughts when they are having sex. This allows them to experience this activity on a whole different level which is much more interesting and exciting.

Increases sexual endurance
According to some studies, orgasm in women can sometimes last for up to 12 minutes or even longer. If you get tired and exhausted early, you are missing the best part of making love. The only way to increase endurance and have marathon sex session without any restrictions and limitations is to start exercising.

Exercise brings benefits for the libido
During strength training, the body is overwhelmed by hormone growth and testosterone which are crucial for increasing muscle mass and libido too.

Physical activity boosts the mood
Even a small amount of drop in mood can have negative impact on our sexual desire. Exercise makes us feel better because the body is filled with endorphins and sex starts to sound like an excellent idea!